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  1. kad11

    WTS Brooks Range Alpini, 800fp treated down, XL

    New without tags - 3.5" total loft and weighs 13.5 oz $90 - pickup in Billings MT $120 shipped ( I cover Paypal merch fee, shipping and insurance)
  2. kad11

    WTS MSR Evo 22 Snowshoes w/ 6" tails, CAMP Neve 73 cm ice axe

    Twice used MSR Evo 22 Snowshoes w/ tails - $125 picked up in Billings, MT Once used ice axe - $30 picked up in Billings, MT
  3. kad11

    WTS Vortex Razor 20-60x80 angled w/ Slik Sprint Mini II tripod

    ***20-60x85 spotter - I can't figure out how to correct title Spotter and cordura case, tripod, Vanguard panhead with two plates, and bino adapter are included. I removed the bottom leg section, cut the center column, and swapped the heavy aluminum panhead handle for carbon fiber. Mtn goats and...
  4. kad11

    WTS Cabelas Euro HD 10x42 w/ Marsupial Gear bino harness

    Used, but good condition binos and harness - the binos have a slight ash stain on the armoring from hunting a burn and the harness has a little blood staining. Im hoping to sell face to face in the Billings, MT area, but am also willing to ship. Face to face - $700 obo Shipped - $750 obo (I...
  5. kad11

    WTS SWFA Bubble level and sunshade

    Double post - please delete
  6. kad11

    WTS SWFA bubble level & sunshade

    Brand new swfa bubble level and sunshade - $20 tyd Paypal (rings and bases in pic sold separately)
  7. kad11

    WTS DNZ Gamereaper 1" ring/base combo for Tikka T3x

    DNZ Gamereaper 1" ring base combo for Tikka, mounted to receiver but never held a scope $30 tyd Paypal
  8. kad11

    WTS Talley Lightweights- Kimber, low, 1 inch

    Brand new in package - $35 tyd Paypal
  9. kad11

    WTS Sightron S1H-TAC - $100

    New Sightron S1H-TAC (exposed turrets) 3-9x40 with duplex reticle. Also includes a Butler Creek flip cap on the objective lens and a set of 1" Weaver-style scope rings. I can also throw in a Weaver base that fits Winchester M70 and Marlin XL7 long action, right-handed receivers.
  10. kad11

    WTS 270 & 30-06 Reloading Supplies

    * No shipping available - items are located in Billings, MT for pickup (1) 30-06 once-fired brass (2 lb, 6 oz) - $10 (or free with purchase of Hornady bullets) (2) 270 once-fired brass (13 lb, 12 oz) - $30 (or free with purchase of both boxes of Sierra bullets) (3) 100 ct box Sierra GameKing...
  11. kad11

    WTS Budget Scopes

    (1) Used Nikon 3-9x40 BDC - $70 (2) Used Vortex Diamondback 3-9x40 Duplex Reticle - $55 - the scope ring will be removed before shipping (hex heads are buggered...) - All prices tyd and I'll cover PP fees - Glass is in good shape; Butler Creek caps were always used on objective and...
  12. kad11

    WTS REI Down Puffy Jacket (L)

    Size Large 12 oz total weight $40 tyd, I'll cover PP fees
  13. kad11

    WTS Budget Shelters

    (1) Brand new NEMO Apollo 3P w/out tags - $150 - comes with all factory stakes, guylines, and adjustable aluminum centerpole (2) Used & Modified Mountainsmith Mtn Shelter - $120 - stove jack with silnylon cover and factory webbing replaced with linelocs - there are a few...
  14. kad11

    Montana HDs 500 & 501 Safety Network

    I'm hoping to put together a contact list for those of us who will be hunting HDs 500 or 501 during the opener in 2019. If interested, shoot me a PM with your name (or code name if you don't want your name linked to a specific HD on the list), email address, and chosen HD. In August I'll reach...
  15. kad11

    Do these exist?

    Does anyone know if a boot meeting these specs exists? - mostly synthetic, quick drying - lightweight - durable but flexible sole (minimal/ no shank) - rubber rand - wide forefoot (most European models are too narrow) I think I'm basically looking for something like a Salewa Crow or Sportiva...
  16. kad11

    FS: Samick Journey recurve bow

    BNIB Samick Journey RH recurve with 45# limbs, factory string, and bow stringer Asking $120 tyd via PayPal ff or add 3% PM me your phone number for pictures
  17. kad11

    FS: Samick Journey recurve package

    Package includes: Like new Samick Journey RH with 30# limbs, a dozen new Carbon Express Predator 2 20/40 30" arrows four-fletched with 3" feathers and inserts installed (one arrow left bare shaft for tuning), two split finger shooting tabs, bow stringer, and bow square Asking $200 tyd via...
  18. kad11

    Hunting DVDs and books

    DVDs (all like new): Deep in Sheep: $8 Modern Day Mountain Man S4: $18 Float Hunting Alaska V3: $8 Rams in the Mist: $8 Books: Sheep Hunts- One man's journey to the high country: $8 Bowhunting modern elk: $8 Elknut's playbook (new): $16 Tree stand hunting Rocky Mountain elk: $8 Free with...
  19. kad11

    MS Mountain Shelter LT package

    For sale is a modified Mountainsmith Mountain Shelter LT (yellow) with stove jack installed. I also replaced all the perimeter webbing loops with Linelocs for easier pitching. Finally, I will include a telescoping aluminum pole (16" compressed, 40" expanded) which is used for the rear of the...
  20. kad11

    MT Unlimited Sheep "Safety Network"

    I've got a MT unlimited ram tag this year and will most likely be going at it alone. I'm wondering if there is anyone else in a similar situation that would be interested in exchanging contact info? It might be nice to have a small network of guys that will be up there in case someone gets...