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  1. Challis_Willson

    Best trail cams?

    I would also agree with browning!! I run a few of each but mainly cause the price is right. CamoFire has them on sale quite frequently. Although not all of the Stealth cams have worked all that great some have.
  2. Challis_Willson

    Unit 29 Colorado

    I drew it on a left over draw. But just wondering what to expect out of it
  3. Challis_Willson

    Unit 29 Colorado

    What’s up guys. I’m totally new to all this forum stuff but figured I’d just ask.. I drew a unit 29 Colorado 4th season and was wondering if anyone had any tips for that area. If not no worries I know I’m a “NEWBIE”
  4. Challis_Willson

    Maven B.5 18X56

    How do They compare to the Swarovski 15x56? In your opinion.
  5. Challis_Willson

    EXO Mnt Gear

    First off let me start by saying i'm super new to a forum page. I figured i'd just start off by Reviewing some of the new gear i got last year. I Purchased the Exo 3500 Pack, and absolutely loved it. I was lucky enough to harvest two mule deer, one in my home state of Utah and one in Wyoming on...