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    Dream Hunt in progress, Aliulik Peninsula Spring 2021

    Kodiak's bears and the island itself is a special place. Congratulations on a great tag. Sounds like your a hard hunter and a planner. You should do well. Pics and a story is expected.
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    Brown Bear on AK peninsula

    I hunted on Kodiak in the spring of 2014 with Scott Mileur. I had a great hunt and killed a 28 inch bear. I chose Kodiak over the peninsula because I could never get comfortable choosing an outfitter or area there. Fast forward to 2019 and the itch to do the Peninsula led me to book an...
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    McKenzie Mtn Dall sheep

    I know Jim and Clay Lancaster who run Nahanni Butte Outfitters and NWT Outfitters. Hunted moose with them twice and returning in 2021 for sheep. Superb outfits. I consider them friends. I will say most all the outfitters up there are top notch. All have large exclusive areas with virtually zero...
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    300 Win Mag is a Winchester Model 70. It's been cerakoted satin mag color which looks...

    300 Win Mag is a Winchester Model 70. It's been cerakoted satin mag color which looks stainless. Walnut stock. Also have two .338 Win Mags, One is a Browning A Bolt stainless. The other is a Winchester Model 70 stainless. I haven't decided which one of these I would sell. I like them both but...
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    WTB left hand rifle bigger than .284

    I've got several rifles. Lefty Model 70's, Remington 700 stainless. 300 Win Mag, 7 Rem mag, 30-06, possible 338 Mag. 573-243-1947. Scott in MO.
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    Seek Outside Tipi for a moose hunt out of Bethel

    Hunted with Papa Bear last year. We used their Cabelas Outfitter tent. It had a floor and vestibule. Easy to put up and worked great. Had also used same model on Kodiak when hunting bear. I thought having a floor was great and a lot drier and cleaner. We had several tarps up for outside...
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    Moose Tag strategy

    You can play the tag game in the lower 48 for a shiras, or book a drop hunt in Alaska and actually hunt bigger moose for a lower price right now. Times a wasting.
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    Horn Replicas.

    Might want to look up Antlers by Klause. I have seen him in the internet as well. Some of his stuff looked very good.
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    Gear list from my AK moose trip

    The fees cover flights in and out of the field for you and your moose. The bagged moose is given directly to the needy. No processing costs on donated meat. They provided material to wrap the rack for shipping. Tips are appreciated for good service. Room and board are extra. Anything out of the...
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    Which backpack for moose on down

    Sportsmans Warehouse has Kelty Cache Haulers on sale for 97.00 with free shipping.
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    Any old guys hunted Dall Sheep?

    If your talking guided Dall sheep, your looking at 20 to 25 thousand. Many times, there's additional cost such as travel, tags, etc.
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    Booking with Renfros for 2022....Which dates are best?????

    Hunted with Papa Bear Adventures this year. We went in on September 8th. We were done by the 12th. I won't say the bulls were rocking, but we heard raking and "glunking". Maybe like whitetails, the "pre rut" provides better action than the true rut lockdown phase.
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    No monster bulls, but another great adventure...

    Congratulations AKDoc. That area is full of moose.
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    2019 moose success

    Would you go with them again? I have talked to Bruce Werba several times. One time, he even talked about guys hunting out of a house boat.
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    Diving in head first

    Congratulations guys!!!!! Well done.
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    2019 Alaska DIY Float Hunt

    Absolutely outstanding. Much respect to you for all your planning and hard work. Went this year with a transporter and a stationary camp and cannot imagine setting camp up several times and caring for the meat the entire trip.
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    2020 Alaska Sheep Hunt

    I hunted with Andrew Weaver on Kodiak. He works for Scott Mileur there. I would think Andrew would be a hard working honest person or he wouldn't be involved in it.
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    Hunting partner for last minute good moose hunt?

    Congratulations! That whole area is full of moose. I hope Renfro's, Papa Bear Adventures, and the state manage that area with great care. It is moose heaven. ( I was with Gray Rider thru Papa Bear.)
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    Tagged out in 27 hours!

    Going to 8500.00 next year I think Nick. Still a bargain for most guys.
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    Quest for NWT Dall Sheep

    I have hunted with Jim and Clay twice for moose. Just finalized a sheep hunt with them for 2021 in their North Camp. That sounds like where your headed. Superb people and beautiful country. You are in good hands. Enjoy! I consider them my friends and we talk often. Tell them Scott Frakes "aka...