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  1. sportsmans challenge

    AGM asp 35mm scanner (short review)

    So i have had the AGM asp 35 scanner for the last month and have used a it a few times. This is my opinions and observations from my experience with it. Pro's: Focus, great picture, easy to use, multiple pallets, pic and video and app Con's: Internal battery, slow start up and slightly large...
  2. sportsmans challenge

    Tikka hydrid hawkins rings

    We got in some more 35mm lows and a couple sets of highs, we also have 34mm and some 30mm, working on getting more 30mm lows in.
  3. sportsmans challenge


    Who here is running thermals? I have dove in this winter and really been enjoying going out at night more, when there is less people out, seem to have a bit of odds stacked in my favor more, because they move a lot at night and feal more at ease cause of less pressure. I have been thinking...
  4. sportsmans challenge

    WTS Prg python ts 35 micro thermal scope

    I have a like new condition(only 2 months old) Prg who is now agm python ts 35mm micro thermal scope. I have been taking dogs from 50 to 260+ yards confidently and am able to see them 800 yards, cows mile or more depending on terrain. This scope comes with all the original packing and parts as...
  5. sportsmans challenge

    WTS Boyds at 1 tikka stock

    Brand new, never mounted, boyds at 1 tikka stock bull barrel inlet, going a different route. Pepper color 175 shipped to you. Obo
  6. sportsmans challenge

    WTS Sold

    Please delete
  7. sportsmans challenge

    WTS Like new salmon 4d size 10

    These were bought last week from a guy off here and had only been worn 1 day by him at his work, i received them in that condition and wore them 1 day to work and did a 2 mile hike and my feet are to fat and flat to wear these. Condition is great, like new and I am willing to ship $135.00...
  8. sportsmans challenge

    Possible employment Alaska

    I work for a agency that deals with retirement and disablity, who is in meed of some good employees in Anchorage as well as possibly Juneau. Preferably Veterans, disabled veterans, peace corps as they can be hired on with no competition to the general populous. Pay and benefits are good with...
  9. sportsmans challenge

    WTS/WTT Lowa tibet gtx 10's

    I have a set of size 10 lowa tibet gtx in great shape, probably no more than 20 miles on them, my feet do not like them and i am looking for something else. I have a set/ been using the kenetrek mountain extreme un insulated for years and this year wanted to try something different, got the...
  10. sportsmans challenge

    35mm Tikka rings

    For all of you who have been shooting the tikka and been wanting to put your leupold mk 5 or any other 35mm scope on your rifle with minimal mounting pieces, check out this picture. Tikka hybrid hawkins precision rings that have been properly opened up to 35mm with 25moa cant and a level, what...
  11. sportsmans challenge

    Patching slick bag

    Recently got a slick bag and on the inside there is a small tear about 2"x2", what do you guys suggest using to patch it, or should it just be sewn up?
  12. sportsmans challenge

    Scouting now for the rut

    I will be hunting mule deer middle of November and i know that what i see now while scouting may not be what is there in november. When you guys are scouting grounds way in advance to the rut what are you guys keying in on, what are you looking for? I will be going again to do some glassing...
  13. sportsmans challenge


    I have a set of duo vids 15x with outdoorsman stud and leica case and a riflescope weighs 1 lb Swaro rangefinder 1750 shipped on duo vids #sold# 550shipped scope #Sold# 250 shipped on rangefinder
  14. sportsmans challenge

    34mm hawkins hybrid tikka rings

    All you guys running a tikka and looking to runa 34mm scope without all the rails and ect. We will exclusively have 34mm lows and high Hawkins Precision tikka hybrid rings with in the next week or so up on the site $125 per set, if you are a dealer for hawkins you can...
  15. sportsmans challenge

    6.5 prc is in!

    1st- Bertram Brass just got in a big load of prc as well as many others like 7 rem and wsm as well as saum 2nd- There will be a big giveaway coming very soon, so keep an eye out for it. We will be launching a new site with more options and ease of payment and use.
  16. sportsmans challenge

    Micro fiber vs gore stopper

    I have a wm terralite over stuffed and am wondering about a bag eith about a 0 degree rating that i can use and worry less about moisture and looking at the sequoia, but will the micro fiber version do real well compared to the goretex version with keeping the down dry? I think it is about 1 lb...
  17. sportsmans challenge

    Reviewing the Sig Kilo 3000 bdx

    I have the Sig range finding binoculars that sig has recently released and they are very impressive. Will be taking these on a bear/wolf hunt 3rd weekend of may a long range rifle competition the 2nd weekend and have had them out and been lazing many types of targets. Keep watching, review...
  18. sportsmans challenge

    WTS Leica 2700b

    Looking to get the leica and just got this leica 2700b this last fall, only used a few times, but on one of the times i lost the factory case that came with it. I have all the boxes from the factory around here somewhere as well as the factory tripod mount. Great shape, shipped...
  19. sportsmans challenge

    2700 b rangfinder

    Looking to get the leica and just got this leica 2700b this last fall, only used a few times, but on one of the times i lost the factory case that came with it. I have all the boxes from the factory around here somewhere as well as the factory tripod mount. Great shape, shipped 700$...
  20. sportsmans challenge

    Lowa battin pro LL or 2

    If any of you guys are involved with the forest service and/ or fire fighting and maybe in the Moscow Idaho area or willing to drive there lowa is offering big deals on the boot above you can get ahold of hyper Spud in Moscow and see what the price is talk to Loretta