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    A question of D6 and quality IW components vs standard

    I am thinking IW for Elk and getting a few QAD for backup and cost savings on whitetails - Thanks for the replies
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    A question of D6 and quality IW components vs standard

    Here is my question as I sit bored off my *** in quarantine. I am going to build new elk arrows. I am sold on ultra micro 4mm and have some Injexions. I am wondering if I am good with a system like the Iron Will D6 insert and collar and their quality D6 steel head or is that smaller ferrule...
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    WTS PSE Carbon Stealth Mach 1

    Here are a few pics
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    WTS PSE Carbon Stealth Mach 1

    For sale is a custom PSE Mach 1 with 65# black limbs and a Kuiu riser - the bow is hardly used and in excellent condition. It was just at Johns Customer archery for the new string and cables as well as the new limbs. The original 70# limbs have a finish mark where the limbdriver pad took of the...
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    Arrow, Spine, Broadhead Weight Setup.

    The longer aim string actually increases poundage. I'm betting it’s more in the cables or harnesses being slightly shorter.
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    New Bow - Which One?

    As stated above, don’t be afraid to look used or leftover. There are some great deals out there - especially if quiet is #1 then a used Triax, Vertix or Traverse. If you look new or want Carbon don’t forget to check out PSE. I was a diehard Hoyt guy, but this years Mach1 changed that. Wish the...
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    New for 2020 Spot Hogg Tuff Guy closed jaw wrist strap release

    Got one on the way in hopes it’s got a crisp trigger that I can set heavy! The wiseguy was way to light
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    SR6 72lbs vs RX1 at 83lbs pretty interesting speed results.

    Makes for a good read-- I love the bow either way. Its got a great draw (I love BT draw cycles) , I just seem to be better with my RX3 and I trust it. I've had a history with Bowtech that ruined a hunt - I have trust issues-LOL
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    How'd I do? New to me Hoyt Carbon

    You did great. One of Hoyt’s best ever IMHO, I still have a 34 that I love!
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    SR6 72lbs vs RX1 at 83lbs pretty interesting speed results.

    Yup- my SR6 was doing 271 with a 480 gr Axis at 70#, if I went up to 29” (with performance setting for both) it was doing 284 - that’s 344 and 347 IBO. Sorry I haven’t been on in a few days
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    SR6 72lbs vs RX1 at 83lbs pretty interesting speed results.

    It would be different below 29- that is where the SR6 efficiency blows. At 30 your getting almost full rotation and it’s really efficient. My 28” SR6 was a dog with heavy arrows.
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    Arrow weight, arrow speed, tuning

    Yes, that looks right. They are just for rough timing and look pretty good. You need to have a buddy watch your stops as you come to full draw. My bet would be as mentioned above, you nock set or D loop needs to come down a touch -
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    Advice on South Dakota Deer 35A-01 Any deer

    ^^^ check out the camping area near Reva. Enjoy your hunt as SD works to make non resident hunting much harder and disadvantaged.
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    south dakota archery mule deer

    Badlands and Buffalo Gap are underrated but not like up by Buffalo and 35L. This is complete BS to lay this down this late. As for the federal land argument and restrictions on NR I completely agree. It seems wrong to deny NR to federal land opportunities. Restrictions I can see but complete...
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    Funny some mention the hunter numbers being up, that is exactly what we found last year. We went just before rut and gun season and it just felt overrun vs previous years. We thought it was just the time of year.
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    First Total Archery Challenge

    After your first "Nock Time" (aka Tee Time) you can then go anywhere else to any of the courses. I cant remember which is which but one is 50 and under (Sitka maybe) with much more realistic shots. You might be comfortable enough by then but they are all really fun.
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    First Total Archery Challenge

    I’ve done a few of them- they are a blast! It depends how good a shot you are and how realistic you want it to be. We all use our quivers as we stalk with them on (I use a tightspot) - I want it to be like I am hunting. My buddy blew through 12 arrows trying to shoot all the longer shots with...
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    FNG From Michigan

    This site is great! I stumbled on to it while doing some research for upcoming trip to go elk hunting. Great info ! Looking forward to doing some serious learning-- Gettin out the trees this year!