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  1. Outlaw99


    As a long time lurker, you should know how valuable this site is and what a wealth of information is has to offer. Long time lurkers and active members should all be donating to the Rok once and a while. Instead of constantly coming on here and taking in info for free, and using the classifieds...
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    .....that’s quite the list! U got any colt snakes needing a new home as well?? 😁
  3. Outlaw99

    Lever action

    If anyone has a Winchester 1895 in 30-06 that they want to move, let me know
  4. Outlaw99

    Fulcrum vs Ma deuce

    Jordan, it’s hard to tell from your pics, but are u just running your pistol in a kydex sheath tucked in behind your belt pouch?
  5. Outlaw99

    Cooper Model 92 (52) Backcountry Magazine Issue

    I had an issue with a spare mag I purchased for my 92. I emailed and didn’t hear anything as soon as I wanted. I called, and I immediately was taken care of. They took great care of me. Maybe I mis read, but have you actually attempted to call them during business hours?
  6. Outlaw99

    WTS Sako Finnlight 2 300 WSM New in Box

    Free bump for a great seller. Great deal on a nice rifle here
  7. Outlaw99

    WTS/WTT Winchester model 64 30-30 (i think late 1930s)

    Free bump for a sweet rifle
  8. Outlaw99

    WTB Glock 20 FDE

    Found one, thanks
  9. Outlaw99

    WTB Glock 20 FDE

    Long shot, but does anyone have a Glock 20 in FDE they’re looking to part with? Thanks
  10. Outlaw99

    Who is seeing military presence in their area?

    Can someone define “Lockdown”.....
  11. Outlaw99

    Youtube hunting/fishing Shows

    Can’t wait to see the rest of “breaking even”. Exceptional work!
  12. Outlaw99

    AR optics

    I like the Burris 536 for all things on my rifle. For me, where my shots at coyotes rarely exceed 300 yards; it’s the perfect “do all” AR scope.
  13. Outlaw99

    CoronaVirus & The Gym?

    If you have a treadmill and a pull up bar, give the “Murph” a go at home 2-3 times a week. I’ve found it to be a pretty good gauge of overall fitness and a way to maintain
  14. Outlaw99

    Face paint? What are you using?

    Carry a sharpie in my pocket......
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    Storing clothes anxiety

    I only wash my outer layers if they really get a lot of blood and mud build up. I wash my base layers when they start to smell like ass. I wash it all in arm n hammer scent free detergent, like I do every other clothing item, towels, sheets, etc in my house. I hang them outside to dry. I hunt...
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    Backcountry Treats
  17. Outlaw99

    Cooper Backcountry Barrel Break In/Cleaning Question

    That rifle is a a laser. Double check your bases on the rifle. Consider some locktite. My best friend has one as well, and he had some initial issues with it walking. Turns out, the base screws were loose.
  18. Outlaw99

    Blaze orange “lid” kinda thing?

    No, just cool for those of us who own those kifaru packs. Breathe slow and deep, it’ll be ok Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Outlaw99

    Photography- one photo a day

    The bow is great, but that anvil is a thing of beauty! I’ll cover shipping if u want to send it my way lol.