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    Rem 700 Rebarrel Options??

    I'm thinking of replacing the barrel on my Remington 700 30-06. I would like to get one that is pre-blued preferably. Any suggestions for where I should look? Thanks!!
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    Hawke Frontier SF 3-15x44 - Mil Pro Reviews?

    I'm looking for a scope to use in heavy timber in low light (SFP) and for longer distances (practice to 6-700 yards). Does anyone have any feedback or experience with this scope? Thank You!
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    Reliable SFP Scope for $700 or Less??

    Looking for potential options for a reliable SFP MRAD scope with tactical turrets for $700 or less. Maximum magnification of 9-12. Any suggestions? FYI I did not mean to post this on the long range forum. Thank You!
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    Reliable SFP Scope for $700 or Less?

    Looking for potential options for a reliable SFP MRAD scope with tactical turrets for $700 or less. Maximum magnification of 9-12. Any suggestions? Thank You!
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    SWFA 3-15 SFP vs FFP?

    Can anyone comment specifically on how usable the reticle is at lower and higher magnification on the SFP version of this scope as compared to the FFP version? I have the FFP version and the reticle is pretty faint at lower power but see there are a couple of SFP versions in MRAD floating around...
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    Next SWFA Sale??

    Does anyone know when the next sale will be? Thanks!!
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    Weaver Customer Service?

    Does anyone know if Bushnell services Weaver scopes?? Thanks!
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    Horizontal Stringing?? Baffling

    I have an early 90's Remington 700 BDL 30-06 that I recently put a new scope on with the intent of doing some dialing and practicing for a little longer distance shooting and using as my backup rifle. I'm trying to find an inexpensive load that shoots decent. I tried the 180 grain Remington Core...
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    Sold SWFA 3-15 FFP

    MIL Quad Reticle. Brand new and in perfect condition. I mounted it on a 223 and it is just more scope than I need for the application. $450 TYD
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    Parker Hale Jags?

    Can anyone comment on the correct way to wrap a patch around a Parker-Hale Jag.?I like the jags but am finding I have to use smaller patches than when using a standard jag. I've found several comments online stating you need to know how to wrap the patch correctly to get maximum benefit of the...
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    SWFA 3-9 or 6X for Hunting in the Timber??

    Hi All- I'm curious which of these two have a bolder reticle for low light or close range in the timber? I have the 3-9 and the 3-15 but have never looked through the 6x. Thanks in advance for your responses!!
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    How Often Do You Clean Your Rifle?

    Just curious how often you clean your rifle and what your process is? Thanks!
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    223 Bulk Ammo for Long Range Practice??

    Greetings- I just ordered a Ruger American Predator in 223 that is going to be my training rifle. I'm putting an SWFA 3-15 on it. Can anyone suggest some inexpensive ammo options I might try in this rifle? Thank You!!
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    Bullet Recommendation for RAR 223 Predator??

    I just ordered a Ruger American Predator in 223. This rifle will be used for plinking and will likely never see the woods. I'm mounting an SWFA 3-15 on it. Can anyone recommend some fairly inexpensive bullets to try out with this rifle? Thank You!!
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    Blueing Touch Up With Oxpho Blue Cream?

    Greetings- I recently pulled the rear open site ramp off of a 28 year old Rem 700 BDL 30-06 as I'm setting it up with a different scope for longer range shooting. There was some rust and scratches underneath where the site base bit into the barrel. I was able to remove the rust with Ballistol...
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    Surface Rust Removal and Blueing Touch Up?

    I have a 28 year old Remington 700 BDL 3006 that I am setting up with a new scope and rail for some longer range shooting. When I took the rear ramp for the open site off there were a couple of scratches where the sight base bit into the barrel. I was able to remove most of the rust with Break...
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    Stripped Screws on EGW Rail?

    I installed an EGW long action rail on my Remington 700 and stripped 2 of the base screws with only 20 in pounds of torque. I'm wondering if maybe my torque wrench is off. It not, these screws were awfully fragile. The screws use a T10 bit which seems pretty skimpy. Any suggestions on the best...
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    Elk Bullet for 300 WSM at 400 Yards or Less?

    I'll be going on my first elk hunt this year with a Browning HC Speed in 300 WSM. I'm looking at three bullets: Barnes Vortex 165 Grain HSM Berger 185 Grain Nosler Trophy Grade Accubond 180 grain All shots will be 400 yards or less (realistically closer to 300 yards and less). Assuming all 3...
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    How to establish a wind bracket?

    Can anyone walk me through the process or refer me to some info regarding how you establish a wind bracket (in MILS) for a given load? Thank You!
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    Campark Trail Cameras?

    Has anyone tried the Campark trail cams? If so, what are your thoughts on them? They are pretty inexpensive and have great reviews on Amazon. I like the price as most areas I have access to are heavily hunted and there is a decent chance that some will be stolen. Thanks!!