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    A question of D6 and quality IW components vs standard

    Here is my question as I sit bored off my *** in quarantine. I am going to build new elk arrows. I am sold on ultra micro 4mm and have some Injexions. I am wondering if I am good with a system like the Iron Will D6 insert and collar and their quality D6 steel head or is that smaller ferrule...
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    WTS PSE Carbon Stealth Mach 1

    For sale is a custom PSE Mach 1 with 65# black limbs and a Kuiu riser - the bow is hardly used and in excellent condition. It was just at Johns Customer archery for the new string and cables as well as the new limbs. The original 70# limbs have a finish mark where the limbdriver pad took of the...
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    FNG From Michigan

    This site is great! I stumbled on to it while doing some research for upcoming trip to go elk hunting. Great info ! Looking forward to doing some serious learning-- Gettin out the trees this year!