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    Rain Pants: How often do you use them?

    I always carry a set of goretex rain gear. CO in September of 2013 comes to mind every time I even think of not carrying them. They also provide a good wind break when needed.
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    8 man or 12 man tipi....for two

    Thanks for all the input. It is much appreciated. Right now I am leaning toward the 12. Just want to buy once and not feel like I need more space.
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    8 man or 12 man tipi....for two

    I looked at the Luxe also. All the Tipis look like they would do the job.
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    8 man or 12 man tipi....for two

    Good advice. I do this now in my 12 x 14 wall tent. Leaves room for a zero gravity chair if planning an extended trip.
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    8 man or 12 man tipi....for two

    Appreciate all the input. I have been zeroing in on the 12 for the reasons listed above. I also like the idea of pitching it down from 12 to an 8 if necessary. But, as somewhat expected, the input from users regarding the 8 man has me considering it. The other benefit I see with the SO is the...
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    8 man or 12 man tipi....for two

    Planning to get away from the wall tent. No doubt the main advantage is the Tipi takes up way less space in the truck and in storage, is easier to set up, take down, dry out, is lighter, and I want the ability to relocate faster/simpler. The more important need is for two guys to be comfortable...
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    Tikka T3X lite 7mm which Mark5HD?

    Nice looking setup. Who makes the stock wrap? Is it neoprene?
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    Colorado 2020 Big Game Regulations Online

    Thanks for posting the link. Looks like I will also be adding a bear tag to September.
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    How much time do you devote to hunting?

    Don't forget to add in gym time etc. for staying in shape to function on the mountain at altitude....
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    Crispi Wyoming on Campsaver 225$

    I also ordered a pair. At this price, it is better than the Salomons I normally wear.
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    Crispi Wyoming on Campsaver 225$
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    Kifaru Stryker

    Received the bag today. Initial impressions are good but haven't loaded it yet. I did make a couple of modifications already to the attachment points. I just felt the bag hung better at the top and I am now able to use the lower handle and lift directly from the frame rather than just the lower...
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    WTS Sitka Ascent Pants, Jacket and LS Crew in OC//Updated

    ttt....willing to sell individually...
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    September Colorado Elk Budget Sleeping bag If you are willing to come up some $$...this packs down nice and is comfy.
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    Crispi discounts???

    Tried Rokslide10 yesterday, but it did not work. Is there a current discount code someone could share?
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    Crispi discounts???

    Crispi Wyoming right now on Black Ovis for 260...