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  1. J

    WTB Kuiu attack pants in 36 short

    Need vias, major brown and gunmetal. PayPal ready lets get it goin!
  2. J

    WTB Kuiu pro hat vias and major brown

    Meshback or regular is fine
  3. J

    WTB Prana Zion winter pants /Adamson size 36

    Guess that's a large? Either one is fine. Anyway let me know thanks. Want grey or tan
  4. J

    Sitka back forty pants?

    Was looking for some stretch dwr pants but are those types not suitable for town wearing in winter? Are they too cold? I came across the back forty pant from Sitka that 47 % cotton 37 spandex 16% cordura. Would those be better? I wear shorts most of the summer but need pants sometimes too. But I...
  5. J

    WTB Prana zion size 36x30

    Prefer grey or mud. Let me know!
  6. J

    Sold Hats lot (yeti First lite Salt life more)

    Rouge American only hat worn any. Salt life hat still has tags on it. 50 shipped for the lot. Kryptek is Highlander camo. Any questions please let me know
  7. J

    Outdoor research ferrossi/equinox pants?

    I want some stretchy water repellent comfortable pants. For hunting and town. Read alot about prana Zion but found out I get a deal on the outdoor research stuff. Checked them out and those pants are nylon/spandex dwr coated. Anyone have experience with them?
  8. J

    WTB Kuiu attack pants size 36

    Short desired but open. Thanks.
  9. J

    Sold Kuiu peloton 240 Verde jacket size L

    90 tyd. FF or u cover fees. Size L
  10. J

    Are people really getting picked off using Elevated 2?

    I love fusion from FL and can't say I've been picked out because of it. But seeing reports of guys saying some felt like yes they were while wearing EV2 makes you wonder. Now granted, plenty of people have killed plenty of deer in EV2. So what say you? If so do you think it's from the blueish...
  11. J

    WTS Kuiu peloton 240 Verde size L

    100 tyd. FF or u cover fees. In great shape. No tears or stains. Size large Will consider trading towards stratus jacket size large. Obviously I'll come with money on my end
  12. J

    Kuiu color variations on same styles?

    Seems mainly Verde pattern but browsing classifieds I see articles from kuiu for sale and some appear muted or darker while some have a nice contrast. What's the deal? It's the same pieces of clothing so it's not a fabric difference.
  13. J

    Is there a lightweight windproof hoody or jacket?

    I have FL mid and furnace tops. I want a lightweight wind layer that i can throw over the top of those before i have to bust out the solitude jacket. I have a peloton 240 that i thought might fill that need. Its decent but not like wow this is what im looking for. The pockets seem weird on the...
  14. J

    WTB Kuiu attack pants size 36 (short preferred)

    Either camo will work but Verde probably be better Let me know thanks
  15. J

    Under armor pants?

    Sale going on and was curious about some pants that cut wind pretty well. The timber pants are on sale and then discount applied as well. The infil windstopper from what I've read isn't durable at all. Should I just go with catalyst soft shell from FL or guide/attack pants from kuiu? What...
  16. J

    Kuiu attack, guide pants or FL obsidian or corrugate.

    Does the guides have fleece lining? Looking for some pants that cut wind with some light insulation. Can't decide between attack guide or what. I also want a light weight pair as well. Was thinking of like of guide pants for winter type and warmer weather obsidian??? Or attack? Or would attack...
  17. J

    Sitka Stratus line being discontinued

    Per the phone representative of Sitka. Fanatic Set no change
  18. J

    WTS First lite catalyst soft shell gloves fusion size M

    55 shipped will snap pics tonight. Size medium in fusion camo. FF or u cover fees. No snags or tears or anything. Perfect condition. Wore one time in woods and not for long
  19. J

    Sanctuary vs fanatic bibs

    I have the solitude and love the set up of the pockets. I love having the pouch that sits up top on my chest and pockets on the front of the legs. Those come in handy in a tree stand!! But I'm finding out wind is not my friend. I was in a stand this weekend. 41 degrees and 15-20 mph winds. Was...