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  1. mtwarden

    when all of your hard training pays off

    An annual event held over Memorial Day weekend each year in the Bob Marshall Complex (Bob Marshall, Scapegoat and Great Bear Wilderness's). "it's not a race" from the organizer. One the most remote and rugged areas in the lower 48- add the complexities of May travel (deep snow, raging creeks...
  2. mtwarden

    which Crispi?

    My La Sportiva boots are now discontinued and getting very close to the end of the line, soooo.... looking at the Crispi lineup I'm looking at the Thor, Summit and Nevada (others?)- fitment is my biggest concern- I need a wider toe box, but regular fit in the midfoot and heel- I don't have wide...
  3. mtwarden

    your absolute, bare to the bones sleep system?

    Occasionally I'll use a very bare bones kit for hunting. Typically several things come into play when I choose to go this route- time is on the shorter side (one-two nights), mileage/elevation gain is on the longer side and weather outlook is very favorable. In those instances I use a 12 oz...
  4. mtwarden

    after 10 years I switched my backpacking stove to a MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe- Wow!

    My Snowpeak Gigpower Ti has been a very dependable stove AND light at 2.5 oz; for 10 years it has served me faithfully with no complaints- so it was with a little trepidation that I recently switched to a MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe. The reviews for the new MSR have been really good, so I figured...
  5. mtwarden

    interesting read- strong or light? His approach certainly seems to work for him and tough to argue with the guy's successes; I don't think he would be much of a slouch in the mountains :) I still feel that an approach of being light AND strong, not OR, is the...
  6. mtwarden

    WTS Outdoor Research Vigor hoody- price reduced-AGAIN!

    couple of nice hoodies for sale :) SOLD Arcteryx Atom SL grey, men's Large, excellent condition- this is a very light active insulation piece (ie insulation while moving); the insulation is light so you're not overheating, the fabric breathes, but still cuts the wind and light moisture...
  7. mtwarden

    Sold an Arcteryx lot- fleece pullover, wind jacket and vest- less than half price!

    An Arcteryx lot for sale- Delta LT fleece pullover, Incendo jacket, Incendo vest- all Mantis Green, all size Large, all in excellent condition- retail on the LT pullover is $115, the Incendo jacket $130, the Incendo vest $115 *SOLD* $150 shipped for all three! *SOLD* Thanks Mike
  8. mtwarden

    Sold Feathered Friends Osprey UL 30 degree down sleeping bag- price dropped-AGAIN

    for sale a very lightly used (10 days max) Feathered Friends Osprey UL down sleeping bag (this year it changed names to Swallow UL 30); filled with 950+ down this bag is very conservatively rated to 30 degrees, Titanium (dark grey) color, Regular length SOLD new $450- selling for $370 $360 $350...
  9. mtwarden

    Sold BlackRock Gear down beanie and down mitts- uber light!!

    these are really nice warm pieces from BlackRock Gear, both are new, both are size Medium, both black, both are uber light- 0.9 oz for the beanie, 1.1 oz for the mitts, both are very warm :) down beanie new is $70 (+ shipping), selling for $55 shipped down mitts new are $85 (+shipping)...
  10. mtwarden

    Sold Enlightened Equipment 40 degree down quilt- uber light and brand new!

    for sale an Enlightened Equipment Enigma 40 degree quilt, 950+ down, 10d fabric outer/inner (grey/black), regular length (to 6') and wide width (to wrap around w/ no drafts) weight 14 oz, not a typo :D SOLD brand new- paid $325, $275 shipped SOLD
  11. mtwarden

    Sold Feather Friends Lark UL 10 (0) sleeping bag mint! price dropped

    have a near new (two nights of use) Feathered Friends Lark UL 10 sleeping bag, 950+ down, Titanium (grey) color, size Regular (I'm 6' and there is plenty of room) I have 0 in the parenthesis as it has two ounces of 950 overfill (see second pic)- it's a very solid 0 degree bag bag has a very...
  12. mtwarden

    Sold Enlightened Equipment 20 degree Apex (synthetic) quilt- mint!

    Have an Enlightened Equipment 20 degree Enigma Apex quilt, size Regular/Wide, Coyote Brown/Black for sale- mint condition, only one 3 day trip. Always stored in the large cotton storage bag. EE rates this quilt at 20 degrees, I can tell you that with 8.0 Apex insulation that's very...
  13. mtwarden

    Sold Charles May Bird and Trout knife

    for sale a brand new Charles May Bird and Trout II knife- without the two year wait!:) I actually forgot I had ordered the knife and am committed into purchasing a new pack, sooooo it's up for sale D2 steel, 1/8" stock, blade length 3 1/4", overall 7 1/4", orange G10 handle w/ thin black...
  14. mtwarden

    2020 fitness goals

    we had a 19 fitness goal thread, so should have a 2020 now :) my goal is to continue to consistently hit the trails running/hiking/snowshoeing/bc skiing; lofty goal of 2020 miles- have gotten pretty close the last couple of years, we'll see this year also stay consistent with my strength...
  15. mtwarden

    Sold lightweight sil flat tarps

    I have too many :) three small, very lightweight silnylon flat tarps SOLD orange 5x7' silnylon- $45 shipped SOLD SOLD orange 5x5' silnylon (already has guys attached)- $40 shipped SOLD *SOLD* coyote 5x8' silnylon (already has guys attached)- $45 shipped *SOLD* thanks Mike
  16. mtwarden

    small, handy cow call (rifle season) suggestion?

    I can use a diaphragm (lots of spring turkey hunting), certainly small (and effective), but not what I would call handy. I'm looking for something small, quick and easy to use, mostly likely to be hung from my bino harness. I purchased a Hoochie Mama call and it sounds pretty decent (and easy...
  17. mtwarden

    WTS *sold* Fallkniven F1 knife *sold*

    for sale a lightly used Fallkniven F1 knife (VG10) w/ factory zytel sheath specs Total length: 210 mm (8.3") Blade length: 97 mm (3.8") Blade thickness: 4.5 mm (0.18"), tapered. Tang: Broad, protruding. Weight (knife): 150 g (6oz) Steel: Lam. VG10. Blade hardness: 59 HRC. Handle: Thermorun...
  18. mtwarden

    WTS *SOLD* Marsupial Gear bino harness

    a very lightly used, in perfect condition Marsupial Gear bino harness, size Small, Foliage *SOLD* $65 shipped (conus) *SOLD* sizing guide thanks Mike
  19. mtwarden

    WTS SOLD FHF bino harness (small) SOLD

    a used, but in very good condition FHF bino harness, size small, foliage/coyote SPF new they are $117 shipped, selling for $85 shipped SPF had several pm's regarding the harness, first I'll take it posted in this thread here gets it thanks Mike
  20. mtwarden

    let's talk active insulation!

    Definitely a bit of a buzz word(s) these days, but definitely not a new concept. Something to keep you warm, but not overly warm, while moving. Ideally something that keeps you relatively dry (breathes) and if it does get wet, dries quickly. It certainly isn't meant to replace a puffy jacket...