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  1. Smid

    WTB 34mm 1.25” height rings

    Figured I’d check before ordering a set. Thanks
  2. Smid

    WTB Kifaru Gun Bearer

    Looking for a kifaru gun bearer, the Kifaru specific one not the universal. Thanks!
  3. Smid

    WTS Blackhound 4-14x44 MOA

    Scope is basically new, haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet. I got a deal on a strike Eagle from a buddy or I would be using this. Mounted in a Leupold Cantilever Mount. Will come in the blackhound factory box that includes sunshade and blackhound rings. It’s illuminated as well, I think the...
  4. Smid

    WTS/WTT Shape charge w/ Sherman

    Looking to trade my basically new shape charge and Sherman (no belt) for a Ranger green. Got two months ago for some hunting trips I had planned but both have been cancelled. Can’t use multicam at work but can use Ranger green. Both were bought brand new with all straps and buckles And haven’t...
  5. Smid

    Bog deathgrip

    About to purchase a deathgrip tripod, not sure if I should go aluminum or carbon fiber? Only 1 pound weight difference and about $50 between the two. I’ve read of cheaper carbon fiber flexing, but didn’t know if the bog had that issues
  6. Smid

    WTB 30mm 1 piece cantilever mount

    Looking for a Burris pepr or similar mount if anyone has an extra their looking to get rid of
  7. Smid

    WTB Danner Crag rat

    Might be a long shot looking for a pair size 10. I had a set that I didn’t think I liked but should have kept them lol.
  8. Smid

    WTT Wolf grey Sherman for multicam

    Looking to trade only at this time for a multicam Sherman. Have all buckles and straps
  9. Smid

    Vortex diamondback tactical?

    Looking at pulling the trigger on a diamondback tactical 4-16, but want to see if there’s any options or suggestions on a better scope around the same range $350? Range here 300 yards and I plan on varmint hunting with it on a 6.5 Grendel AR. I know it’s a lower end scope but for the one or...
  10. Smid

    WTS first lite uncompahgre jacket (Black medium)

    Jacket has been worn around town less than a handful of times. $130 TYD
  11. Smid

    Guided Coyote Hunts?

    Anyone done any guided coyote hunts? I’ve had a couple people in recent months saying they’d let someone to hunt coyotes in their land. With only ever doing a hog hunt, I’d like to go somewhere to get a feel on what to do/not to do. I’m sure a lot of you guys probably hunt your own land but if...
  12. Smid

    WTS Oakley M Frame standard issue SOLD

    Like new, lens are perfect. $75 TYD. Cross posted on another forum for full disclosure
  13. Smid

    Kifaru Shape Charge Vs SG avail 2200

    Currently have the SG avail and I’m not entirely happy with it for what I’m doing. I use it as a catch all bag, travel, range, and will be using it for hog and potentially coyote hunting this year. It’s a super nice pack and I like how it fits but The layout is very basic and I hate not really...
  14. Smid

    WTT Stone Glacier Avail 2200

    Looking to trade for a slightly bigger bag. I can add money if you have a frame bag you’d like to trade as well. I have webbing keepers installed, and have the bottle holder attached as well. Have belt (not pictured) but will be put in before shipping. Bought at Christmas, and only used a hand...
  15. Smid

    Cambak Hunt on sale

    Camelbak has a few of their hunt bags on sale. I don’t know much about them but for the price I’m sure they’d be useful. Just passing it along
  16. Smid

    WTS Nike SFB boots gen 2

    Might be a long shot, but I wore these for one shift but don’t like the fit personally. Wife chucked the box so I can’t return. $130 shipped size 10
  17. Smid

    Everyday boot?

    Just bought a pair of Danner crag rats but I can’t get them to feel right after lacing them and going to be returning them. Looking for a waterproof boot that I can use for general outdoor (shooting, scouting ect) and early season hunting. Im in Ohio so I don’t need a super stiff sole western...
  18. Smid

    WTS/WTT eberlestock Lo drag bag

    Bag has been used for less than half a dozen range trips over the last year. There’s one slight scrape mark (as pictured) but otherwise perfect condition $150 TYD long shot but looking for stone glacier frame(can add money). Also interested in a 1000+ yard range finder, vortex binos
  19. Smid

    First Timer, TONS of questions

    Sorry in advance for the wall of text. I figured instead of making a bunch of new threads, I’d just consolidate one and take all the advice I can. I literally don't know a single person that hunts so trying to ask people around my area what they're using is tough. I've never been hunting, in my...
  20. Smid

    Budget Friendly rain gear

    I’m a huge believer in but once cry once, but since this will be the first year I’ve ever hunted I have quite a list of stuff I need to get. Rain Gear is the top of my list. Not sure if there is a budget option under $100 that’s pretty decent or should I really step the range up? Will hopefully...