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    Vortex Neoprene Cover

    I have a brand new un-opened Vortex Razor angled (65) neoprene cover for sale. $65 and free shipping
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    Firstlite sale

    Whether you hate them or love them.... the sale is back on! Looks like some decent deals on atleast some stuff. Time to blow some money I don’t have!!
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    East Coast hunting rant

    So on an east coast forum, there was a guy complaining a "buddy" that he invited hunting with him, and that he took to some better than average spots was now hunting "his" areas on public land, mostly when he wasn't around... Although they did run into each other sporadically, it ruined the...
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    Basically New Vortex ViperHD 15-45-65

    I have basically a brand new Vortex spotter for sale. Bought it for a hunt that never materialized. Only had it out of the box a few times in the backyard. Glass is clean and scratch free. Comes with everything in the pics. $600 + Shipping.
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    What's fun to do in Portland Oregon?

    So the family is visiting Portland in August to see some family and a new baby. We wont have a lot of time to travel any major distance away from Portland(besides seeing the Pacific Ocean), but I thought I would ask the group of any fun things to do in/around the city or surrounding...
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    If you could.....

    If you could work for any outdoor, hunting/ fishing or conservation organization for a career, which one would it be.... and why?