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    WTB First Lite Max-1 Chama Hoody

    I am looking for a Max-1 First Lite Chama Hoody, reasonably priced in good condition. XL or 2XL. Let me know what you have.
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    WTS Browning Backcountry and Plythal Scrapeline Pants

    I have two pairs of Browning Speed Backcountry Pants in ATACS AU size 38 and 2 pairs of Plythal Scrapeline pants in digital forest size XL. All are new without tags, the tags were removed and they were placed in a storage bin. Browning Speed Backcountry both for $110 PP TYD in the lower 48...
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    Plythal Tops Sizing?

    Had experience with Plythal sizing on their shirts and Jackets? They seem like they are sized extremely small, 44"-45" chest for an XXL.
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    TOPS Scandi Woodsman for lightweight knife?

    Looking at picking up a lightweight knife for all around hunting use. I am looking at the TOPS Scandi Woodsman. Anyone have any field experience with this knife?
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    Single Pin vs Multi-Pin for Spot and Stalk Elk

    Single Pin Slider vs Multi-Pin for spot and stalk Elk in Arizona Unit 6a? Which does everyone prefer and why, pro's and con's of each?
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    Plythal Scrapeline Pants

    Anyone have any field experience with the Plythal Scrapeline pants? Like the digital forest pattern. Looking at using them for early season archery elk. Curious on how well they breath and how quiet they are?
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    Arizona Unit 33

    I drew a Coues tag for unit 33 for the last two weeks in Dec. I am looking to start scouting and get some game cams up as soon as possible. Anyone willing to share any spots I should look at, or high pressure areas I should avoid?