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    WTS Silvertip trade

    Have a Silvertip in good condition and I’m looking to go a little bigger to accommodate my daughter coming with me. Would like to trade plus $$ for Cimaron or maybe a Hudson. Specs: Silvertip No stove jack No screens No liner No nest Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    WTS Hooligan

    Ranger green Older belt that is new -coyote med Med belt pouch $240 *no claymore , what you see is what you get* Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    WTS/WTT Energy 32 for sell

    E32 2015 or 16 28”@#60 Qad hdx Tight spot Sight NOT included Looking to trade straight across for a Kifaru Shape Charge or Stryker + cash on your end. Will sell $375 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTB WTB Stone glacier 3300

    Looking for a BAG ONLY stone glacier Evo 3300 -R3300 solo3300 or maybe a 40/56
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    WTS Promaster ball head

    Brand new take off from a 522c tripod i purchased NEW NEVER USED includes one plate $50 tyd trades welcome PM me for pics tapatalk not adding them currently
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    NFL Playoffs

    I don’t have a dog in the fight since my Cowboys are out , but like to hear some trash talking. Post up that support for your team and crack on all others (except dem boyz) [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    WTS Kifaru all sold

    Decided not to use this as my 44mag will be just fine as a do all. No frame Nomad 1 bag only-$old Guide lid-$old Grab it-$old Cargo net-$old +3% if you want insurance on anything
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    Tikka deal
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    WTS Vangaurd , vortex , nikon

    Vangaurd Endeavor HD 65s packaged with a Vortex Summit SS-p tripod and one plate. Been used a few years glass is great, will not split you pay Ppl fee of 3% if you want that option. Package deal $275tyd Nikon rangefinder good condition glass is good $125tyd you pay ppl fee if you want that option
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    Zeiss V4 and others Some good deals here
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    WTT SO Silvertip

    I need a bigger floorless , id like to trade my Silvertip plus cash for a Cimarron , Luna 4, LBO , Jimmy traps Hudson or something similar. If your looking to down size hit me up. Silvertip Brown no stove jack for trade
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    WTB WTB Womens small

    Looking to get my 13 yr old daughter into some gear. Need Small women’s clothes , maybe a pack if price is right.
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    Remington 700 to build or not to ?

    My dad handed me down a Rem 700 300 win mag he bought in the mid 80’s. This thing is beautiful and Cherry , I think the top model 700 from that era glossy polished stock of some fancy wood and been shot very minimal like a box or two. It has a Timney trigger , he put it in some crapy...
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    WTS Youth Bow

    PSE Mini Burner Spott hogg sight Whisker biscuit Pse Quiver Scott release (purple) Purple After market strings w/peep that does not move 8 Easton Aviator 600 spine Purple pse color kit $235 shipped , F+F or add 3% Unsure of the year but you can use the serial # under the rest to find out ...
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    Kryptek deals

    Kryptek On clearance and BOGO 1/2 off the clearance price.
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    WTS Kifaru , gun stuff, dry sack

    2 Ranger green medium belt pouch and multi cam standard guide lid as a package-$ sold Gun cleaning package unopened - Otis mat , gun multi tool , bore lite , otis cleaning kit $30 tyd Rockagator dry bag (heavy duty) 30L or 50L cant remember but its huge has a shoulder strap - new never used $20
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    WTS Reckoning

    Ranger green $225 add 3% if you want the insurance
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    Taking my daughter antelope hunting in unit 23 , was thinking of grabbing her a Gen Deer tag for Region C . I have a unit in mind for her if anyones familiar and wouldn’t mind answering a couple questions id appreciate it.
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    NHL Playoffs posts

    Other than hunting my favorite time of year , let the games and trash talking begin. Who you got ? Go Sharks !!!!!
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    WTS Rampage

    Black Eagle Rampage 350 spine 27 1/4” nock groove to end of outsert Blazers 298 grn without point 10 are .001 2 are .003 $85 tyd