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    Arrowhead Rifles muzzleloader review thread

    I put a bend in it, so it would shoot straight for YOU! ;)
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    Harvester black crush rib sabot and 300gr ssp Barnes original has been best combo for my customers.
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    Arrowhead Rifles muzzleloader review thread

    That's a good datapoint, Ray. Misfires have been few and far between for the Gen2 system. Majority of them have been from oil residue in barrel after cleaning that contaminated the powder. I did have one customer recently that didn't all of the Hoppes #9 out of his modules after cleaning...
  4. Arrowhead Rifles

    Arrowhead Rifles muzzleloader review thread

    No. That’s how many times each module can be reused. The breech plugs are good for 1000+ at least. Haven’t really had any plugs wear out, so don’t know exact number.
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    Remington ultimate

    heres one I pulled out today.
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    Best Muzzleloader Scopes?

    That would be a great scope for the $$. I’ve used a lot of 3-15 vx5hd’s with good success.
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    Arrowhead Rifles muzzleloader review thread

    Putting the pressure on me! :)
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    Bullet choice for knight ultra lite .45

    I would run the 275gr with a veggie wad. Recoil is going to be the real deal in that light of gun. :) Here's video on how to size. With an ignition system like the Knight that isn't as efficient as my gen2 system, I would lean towards a tighter fit to help with ignition consistency.
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    Should I get a newer lighter can?

    I've been running an Ultra 7 on my 26" 300PRC. Works great. The CB brake is pretty much worthless though if you shoot with can off. It's not as a bad as no brake, but pretty close.
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    New ML products at Arrowhead

    For the rest of the week, code XLDAPRIL gets 10% off on Arrowhead XLD 40 and 45cal bullets purchased through the website. The code also works for LR Series Bullets (formerly called X-series) and Arrowhead Gen2 Modules. Also, the new scope base and bolt stop are up on the website too. 45cal...
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    Muzzleloader Q/A

    Here's the link: Also, some good info on my youtube channel: And here's a podcast I did a couple of months ago with Vortex:
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    Muzzleloader Q/A

    I'm going to do a facebook live on the Arrowhead FB page tomorrow (3/26) at 3:30 PM CST. Feel free to hop on if you've got any questions about high performance muzzleloading. Or post your questions here, and I'll try to cover them.
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    Welcome Arrowhead Muzzleloaders

    Appreciate the offer, but I'm planning on drawing THOSE tags! So don't make any plans. 🤣
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    Welcome Arrowhead Muzzleloaders

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I've been a fan of rokslide for a while, and I'm excited to be able to contribute here.
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    HELP! Stuck breech plug

    tapping on front of plug with a brass rod while someone else tries to remove it can also help break them free.
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    Bullet choice for knight ultra lite .45

    If you're looking for good expansion with a high BC, check out the Arrowhead XLD bullet line. 0.028 thick jackets definitely have expansion issues, especially when you slow them down to the velocities you're going to see out of that Knight.
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    Should I sell my CVA Accura V2 to buy 700 Remington ultimate muzzleloader?

    In my experience shotgun primers are not a reliable way to determining pressure. I'm not saying they can't give hints, but there's a lot of factors at play.
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    Cva v2 Lr suppressor?

    I've run a bunch 45cal suppressed. So no sabot to deal with. I ended up needing to remove every shot (even though I had a funnel to load through). At least back in Iowa with high humidity, if I didn't remove every time bore would condensate and soak my powder. That was all smokeless...
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    Knight UL, Rem UML, CVA Paramount

    I would take an MGM 45cal encore barrel before a Knight if you're going to shoot a gun using shotgun primers.
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    CVA Paramount

    I didn't do a comparison between the two. It's going to depend a lot on whether or not you've got a leaking veriflame. Additionally, the distance from powder to primer is shorter in the Arrowhead Gen2, so that's an advantage for ignition reliability as well. I also use magnum primers in my...