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  1. Matt W.

    Hoffman Mountaineer Pac Boot - REVIEW PREVIEW

    I think a 9 would work best. At least it did for me.
  2. Matt W.

    Hoffman Mountaineer Pac Boot - REVIEW PREVIEW

    Rokslide prides itself on REAL gear reviews. As such this is a gear review preview, as I don't feel I have enough data to do a Rokslide quality review at this time. I will update this thread as time in the boots provide better data. On to the preview! Living in Idaho I had to go check out...
  3. Matt W.

    New car- To AWD or not to AWD

    The Sienna has been the only AWD minvan for a while... Nice to see some more options... The...
  4. Matt W.

    New car- To AWD or not to AWD

    Lived in AK for 12 years, first 4 had a FWD SUV, then upgraded to the Sienna AWD for the last 8. With snow tires that thing did really well. Biggest complaint was ground clearance, if the plows don't come it is easy to get high centered when the snow compacts under the vehicle in deep stuff...
  5. Matt W.

    Anyone use the Samsung Smartwatches?

    Got ya. Thanks
  6. Matt W.

    Anyone use the Samsung Smartwatches?

    You think the Samsung offerings are better than the Garmin ones?
  7. Matt W.

    Hoffman Pac Boots - When do you use your Pacs? Win a free pair!!

    Hey guys, I've been rocking my Hoffman's since late last year. Haven't really got to put them to a full test as a planned hunt has been bumped to due to scheduling conflicts beyond my control. But, I have worn them out training the dog in the cold and wet, and while working in the snow during...
  8. Matt W.

    Which two bag system: 30 and 0 degree bags?

    Some good info for you to check out here:
  9. Matt W.

    Lightweight load carrying pack for 10days

    I've never tried a SO pack, but for 10 days trips you need both a light pack and a pack that is large enough to carry the gear you need for that duration. The bulkiest space killer in my packs for 10 day+ trips is food.. For me 6000+ CI is where I would start... For a known quantity I have...
  10. Matt W.

    ScopeCoat Neoprene Covers for Vortex Razor Spotting Scopes only $14.99

    They used to. Can't find them on the net now. ???
  11. Matt W.

    Red Dot Sights on Handguns?

    Good stuff @Turkeygetpwnd38 ! Thanks!
  12. Matt W.

    Red Dot Sights on Handguns?

    I went with the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro on a G19 MOS. Anyone else running one? Thoughts? I heard the mounting plate was the weak point on the MOS system so I went this plate: It was an easy install...
  13. Matt W.

    Favorite Hunting Pants?

    Which wool pants are your go to?
  14. Matt W.

    Budget minded 12x50 or 15x50 Binoculars

    A 12 x 50 is my ideal Bino size. @gr8fuldoug, out of curiosity, what are your top 3-5 in the $300-$500 range? (in 12 x 50)
  15. Matt W.

    Favorite Hunting Pants?

    Those look interesting.. How long have you been running these? the cargo pockets look a bit funky in the pics. Do they stick out that far in real life?
  16. Matt W.

    Customize Tikka vs Seekins PH2

    One thing to think on is the Seekins warranty.. Not sure what Tikka's is but those warranty videos they have been doing are pretty entertaining..... : )
  17. Matt W.

    Lightweight scope that dials with zero stop, does it exist?

    What was the learning curve like getting used to the Huskemaw system? I've been debating adding one of these for a while...
  18. Matt W.

    Anyone know who makes a camo stock for a Ruger American Predator 6.5 Creedmoor

    Ruger makes a stock that would probably work: I've been debating one of those Go Wild rifles for a while now... They can be found for just under $500 if one keeps an eye out.....
  19. Matt W.

    Couple questions about sleeping bags

    There are a few articles and reviews here on sleeping bags you might find helpful. Even a Rokcast .. ;) Here is one:
  20. Matt W.

    Midweight socks?

    Anyone used Black Ovis's socks?