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    Cody man attacked by grizzly

    Be carful out there fellas Cody man attacked by grizzly near Crandall Leo Wolfson May 1, 2020 Updated 15 hrs a...
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    Edited to add video KUIU COMPLETES ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIGHORN SHEEP TRANSPLANT February 26, 2020 Performance hunting gear company KUIU announced the completion of their historic transplant of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. KUIU and its customers purchased, captured, and transplanted 55 sheep...
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    Best Horse I've Ever Owned

    Edit: I have had this horse ever since he was two, he was a handful in his younger days but just about anyone can get along with him now. He's gone thousands of miles in the backcountry and still has a bunch more in him. I've always called him my good luck charm because he is always in on the...
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    Really nice mule.

    If anyone's looking for a good mule I've got one headed to Jake Clarks Mule Days. Video is worth the watch either way.
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    Bad deal
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    Wyoming Sheep Results Tomorrow

    Good luck fellas! Moose and Goat too
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    Anyone looking for a good horse? Videos worth the watch either way

    Sales may 11th Cody WY
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    Anyone ever tried the HQ Issue teepee tent?

    I was thinking about trying the HQ Issue teepee tent and was wondering if any of you guys have ever tried one. 120$ for the 10x10 by 6'6" and weighs 14lbs 13oz. I saw it in the sportsman's guide. Thanks for any info.