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    Where to spend $$ and where to save $$?

    So with a pretty tight budget, I want to make sure I don’t miss anything necessary for a backpack trip while keeping cost a bit low. I have a few decisions to make on gear and could use some help deciding whether or not I should go with this list or spend more money on one item and less on...
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    Lowa Ticam II GTX coming today

    Got a good deal on these off Zappos. Website said to order the same size as my normal street shoe, so we will see how accurate that is. Pretty hopeful about these. They’re supposed to be a stiffer version of the Camino from what I’ve read here, and most of the Rokslide posts on them are...
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    Anybody thinking about 2019 CO archery Elk?

    I am planning a trip to CO for a early to mid September elk hunt. As of now, I don’t have a partner to travel with because of how far out this trip is. I already have my spot pretty well nailed down, but I’m brand new to this and pretty adaptable. I’m from Texas, but don’t mind just meeting up...
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    Do decent bino’s exist around $200?

    I’ve looked through threads on binos and consistently find people recommending glass in the $500 range. Unfortunately, there is no way I’ll be able to spend that much by the time my first elk hunt hits. My question is, is there a binocular that will at least allow me the ability to see elk 1000...
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    Expectations for first trip

    I’m pouring a lot of time and sweat into getting ready for a 2019 trip. Yesterday, something hit me like a rock. I realized that I’m running a great chance of seeing nothing, much less killing something, my first trip out. But, I don’t want that to be a reason I don’t go on the trip. So, I got a...
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    Water in Colorado units 31 &32

    Edited because I don’t want to mess up anything for folks.
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    Wrangler hiking pants

    Bought a pair of the nylon Wrangler outdoor series pants at Target since we don't have any hiking stores within 60 miles of my house. I thought it may help some folks if I posted a review thread on these. Specs: 32x32 size 96%nylon 4% spandex And the best part.... $25 price tag! First...
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    Training vs hunting boots

    I am going to be in the market for new boots, and I am trying to decide what to do. I could either buy a simple pair of hiking boots for UA for now and buy a nice pair of high end boots when I am closer to my elk hunt in 2020 or hold off a bit longer and buy the nice boots now in hopes that they...
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    Any Texas to Colorado transplants?

    Getting really tired of south Texas and have been thinking of a move to Co. Nothing set in stone, I am just exploring options right now. Is there any roksliders that made the move from Texas to Colorado? What are the pros and cons that you have seen? Where did you settle? Thanks in advance for...
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    Which solid color for Co elk?

    Trying to piece together my gear list and the wife is bugging me for Christmas ideas. I was thinking of asking for solid color hiking pants. Problem is, I have no clue which color would be best. I was thinking of a coyote brown, but that may not work for Colorado in September. Anyone on here...
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    Cabin rental for elk trip?

    I am hopefully heading to Colorado next year or in 2019 for my first elk hunt. While I would like to do a base camp with a simple tent and the necessities, the folks I may end up going with are not into camping out the way I am. One of the guys in the group lives in Colorado and has a good idea...
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    FNG from Texas

    Hey folks, my name is Gerard. I've been lurking around here for about a month and listening to Gritty Bowmen since may. I've been committed to fitness for a long time and following Cam Hanes for a good while. I didnt get the elk hunting bug until this summer, but it once I got it I got it bad. I...