1 year update/ my experience (new member)

Feb 16, 2022
Some background:

Last year (almost to the day) I started working out because I was uncomfortable with my bodily appearance (skinny) I was 6’1 and weighed about 160. My brother has experience in body building and showed a massive change in his bodily appearance after he started lifting and to be honest I was getting jealous (he is in phenomenal shape)
I didn’t have hardly any experience but I did some research and being a hunter I checked out mtn ops. I don’t know what everyone’s stance is on them. But I can say after using them for the last year. I have done a total body transformation.

My body has filled out a TON. I have gained over 40 lbs now am topping out at about 205-210. This wasn’t a dirty bulk or anything. It isn’t 40 lbs of fat. To be honest my muscles are very defined now and I am where I want to be and look. I started out going 1-3 times a week (I didn’t wanna get hurt), and now I go 5-6.

My max reps have increased a ton
Bench was 150? Now it’s 270
Curls was 60. Now its over a 100
And so on.

Call this a kinda forum intro, but I am very pleased with the MTN OPS stuff, idk if other supplements would of done the same, but this has been a huge deal for me. Sure I could of not done mtn ops and did just a straight workout program, but I decided to try it and I’m glad I did.

I want to get to about 220 and do a cut and be a lean and solid 205. This will come with time, but I got more hills and mountains to climb!

No… this is not a mtn ops fanboy post, I’m just telling my experience because I am proud of it and what I had happen.
Thanks for looking!

blacktail sniper

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Jul 31, 2017
Oakley, CA
Great work I have tried many supplements when I was playing ball and now looking at things diff at 50. yikes its kicking my butt. But I often wander if it was truly the supplements that really made any difference at all or all the hardwork u put in? Meaning I am sure they helped a bit bt to be dedicated for a year and pack on 40 lbs of muscle that took hard work and dedication anyone can take the supplements but you put in the work