Sold 15 Gold Tip Pro Hunter 300’s

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Dec 31, 2020
Gold Tip Pro Hunter 300 spine shot very little as picks show. They have the 50 grain inserts and 10 extra included. Bought new bow and switched arrows. Comes with 2 nockturnals (never shot just installed) as shown, extra nocks shown along with the dozen packaged bushings and nocks a dozen came with. I was trying a few different color fletching and will include those as well (10 USA flag, 22 pink, 3 pink tiger, and the white flame. Also will include the MTM arrow case for asking price and ship in it. $200 for all. If you don’t need something we can work out a price.
C770FF1D-2004-423D-9CDD-688E8C30B073.jpeg 74BE84A9-3190-492D-A3DC-0FF3C977B58E.jpeg 046D411F-A210-4CC1-A59C-73C383125538.jpeg 74BE84A9-3190-492D-A3DC-0FF3C977B58E.jpeg 8773037F-9ACC-4A80-9789-F994AF9F81DE.jpeg 3A2F1CDF-8776-4D76-9D6B-4664A7AD055D.jpeg 0C2EFAC4-6F7A-4275-8FC6-902BC7C431EF.jpeg
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