2013 Bear Encounter Compound Bow!!!

Greg Beck

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Sep 19, 2013
Southwest Idaho
I have for sale a 2013 Bear Encounter. I bought this July 2014. This bow is in great shape. I took it hunting 3 days this last season. I have shot it quite a bit just getting ready for the season. Also for sale with the bow are: 6 Cabelas Carbon Hunter arrows 55/70, 1 Beestinger 8'' black stabilizer, 6 Muzzy 100 grain 4 blade broad heads never shot, (I only shot the practice blades) 2 Judo points, 11 100 grain and 11 125 grain field points, 1 Archers Allen wrench set, 1 Scott Silverhorn release. All this bought brand new this last July!! Everything is in excellent to great shape other than the fletching on the arrows is showing wear. The bow has a 3 pin Trophy Ridge sight, Whisker Biscuit rest and the stock stabilizer, G5 peep sight. I would like to sell all together but if not than I want to sell the bow first and than the rest can be sold to whoever. $500 TYD for everything or $350 TYD for just the bow. PayPal. Thanks for looking!!
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