2017 First Lite Corrugate Guide shorts arrived at S&S Archery!

S&S Archery (Rob)

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Oct 19, 2015
Boise, Idaho
Hey Roksliders!

We just got our 2017 First Lite Corrugate Guide shorts in. Just in time for warm weather, these are not just for hunting or scouting. I picked up a pair and will be wearing these shorts daily. They are so comfortable! Get yours order in this morning and we'll get it shipped out today!

First Lite Corrugate Guide Shorts | Outerwear | S&S Archery

As for the rest of the 2017 First Lite gear, we're expecting everything else to arrive in late June. But our pre-order period will be ending in less than 2 weeks, so get your pre-order in soon!

Thanks for your support over the years, we would not be here if it weren't for you! Please dont hesitate to PM me or call with questions on promotions setup just for Roksliders!