2018 Idaho Unit 11-13-18 RMBS Hunt Phase One Continued


Sep 20, 2014
More pics from the "unsuccessful" Phase One

Day Two "The Professor and his Swarovski Glasses"
8/31/18. Day Two, early morning. First stop to glass SSE into the upper/south end South Fork Capt. John Creek, looking across Main Fork Capt. John Creek. Access via 4-mile hike from the north, Madden Creek trailhead.

Snake River Breaks, looking SW-Craig Mtn
8/31/18-Day Two. Farther W almost to junction of Snake River and Main Fork Capt. John Creek, looking SW across the Snake River to Washington.

8/31/18-Day Two Phase One early morning, north side main drainage Capt. John Creek, having moved farther WSW overlooking lower junction of Madden Creek and CJC.

Unit 11 2018 "Craig Mountain"
8/31/18- Day Two, early morning, enjoying the brisk and windy air...then I put on my Kuiu hoody/puffy jacket. Upper/South end South Fork Capt. John Creek, access from the north via Madden Creek trailhead.

Unit 11 Idaho Craig Mtn-Looking SW across Chimney Creek
9/1/18-Day Three, midday. Looking farther SSW from north side Chimney Creek across Snake River. Wallowa Mountains in Oregon outlined on far horizon center/center left of photo. By this time, as far as RMBS, we'd seen one 10-11 year-old ram with 1 1/3 curl on left and busted horn "above the cone" on the right...very frustrating...

9/1/18- Phase One Day Three-"Up Top" Washington side, looking back into Idaho's Capt. John Creek drainage. Close to sunset. Access via 8.5 mile winding/switchback/streamside Crouse Creek Rd up onto Montgomery Ridge Rd, Washington, looking SSE into Idaho. I love the undulating artistic patterns of harvested fields in rural America. Cow elk, mulies and whitetails, and curious cows all within a few hundred yards, shared my vista that evening. Jon dropped me off and was about a mile down this remote county road and we both picked apart the numerous finger canyons. Nada.
Later that night, at dinner back at the hotel, we discussed the option of "calling it" , but we'd sleep on it. The next morning at breakfast we made the mutual decision. I'd go back to work and be coming back out a month later...
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