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2018 spring bear back from taxidermist

Feb 9, 2019
British Columbia
First bear. First predator. First archery harvest. First big game animal. Rug certainly wasn't cheap but you don't get that many "firsts" very often...the meat is almost all gone already but hopefully this will last for years to come. Just posted a video with some clips from the hunt in the general discussion forum, glad I could make this hunt a bit more permanent than a freezer full of burgers and steaks...they sure were tasty though. They did a great job preserving all his scars, he was definitely a scrapper and even had claw marks on his skull which is currently degreasing in dawn and water with an aquarium heater. Some parts ended up pretty dark after the maceration process so hopefully it whitens up fairly evenly after the degreasing and peroxide...sealed the teeth so they should retain the discoloration after whitening, excited to see the end result!