2019 Best Whitetail Hunt Photo, Sponsored by First Lite


Jul 7, 2015

My late season public land Oklahoma deer. He slowly appeared through the fog at 30 yards on a dead quiet morning. Was one of the coolest things I’ve seen while hunting.

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Jan 12, 2020
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Hey Roksliders,
First Lite has stepped up for 2019 for this contest. First Lite has a complete line of Whitetail performance clothing in their Sanctuary and Solitude lines (including women's pieces in the Sanctuary). Some quick videos here:

They have quite a few crossover pieces from other lines that work great for the Whitetail Hunter. See it all here

Once you're done drooling, why not try and win some of that line in our annual Best Whitetail Hunt Photo contest?

Contest is simple:

This is NOT a biggest buck contest, but a "best photo" contest. The winning 2019 photo will be judged on the following criteria and rules:

1) WOW Factor. Is it a great photo that grabs the viewer? This takes in lighting, color, uniqueness, etc.

2) Composition- by that we mean the way in which the different parts that make up your photo are arranged- is there too much background, not enough animal? Or visa versa? Are the antler tips out of the frame or the hunter's head cut off? Or is it a good balance between the buck, the hunter, the terrain? (the hunter is not required to appear in the photo.)

3) Size of animal. This doesn't mean biggest animal wins, but if #1 and #2 are equal, we'll chose the bigger animal.

4) Must be a photo of a buck harvested in 2019 (or before January 15th, 2020)

5) Between archery season and January 15th, post up your best 2019 harvest photo on this thread (don't know how to post pics? Click here )

6) One photo per buck only. If you harvest multiple bucks, you can enter one photo for each

7) Also, by posting on this thread, you agree to let Rokslide and First Lite use any of the photos in promotional material without compensation

8) Any international winner is responsible for border tax, custom fees, excessive postage fees, etc.

If you want to see the 2018 finalists and get an idea of what we're looking for, click
Sweet, love FL does this kind of stuff


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May 28, 2017
As he lay....

This was the final resting spot that I found my buck in. As I walked up to him I realized how peaceful he looked. I made a perfect shot on him and the arrow lodged into the off side shoulder. He expired within seconds and only traveled about 70 yards. A successful hunt! IMG_6084.jpg