2020 B.C Goat hunt, two freinds sucess.


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Apr 11, 2019
Prince George B.C
Sometimes you don't know where to begin. My two best buddies and I planned a goat hunt up in Northern B.C, from Aug 14th (day before opening) to Aug 22nd. The area we had planned to go is Leh draw only. I have been in there once before in pursuit of a billy for myself. I was not as prepared as I should have been last year as far as gear went, but this year I was able to buy a proper backpack, and supplies in order to pursue a passion of mine. Knowing there were at least 10 good billy in the area, we went in with high hopes and a strong willingness to go anywhere to get what we were after. We always pray before our trip because of our beliefs and we felt more than blessed as the next 4 days unfolded into the craziest hunt myself and my buddies Thomas and Isaiah been on.

Day 1. Friday Aug14th

We woke up at 3am and got an early start into the area we had our hearts set. After hitting up Mcdicks for breakfast we then proceeded to blast metal and other sorts of pump up tunes for the trip.
When we got to the bottom I had a ridge picked out that I went up last year. No trail just straight up a mountain with a phone map and Google earth. It took us 4 hours to grunt up this beast and to set up our first camp about 9km. As soon as we peek over it is glassing time. Changing into puffy jackets and crocs we spent about an hour glassing making sure the bowl we were about to dip into wasn't full of bears or billies. We manged to spit one grizzly about 4km out and he was headed down river to the valley bottom. After not seeing any goats but paying attention rmto the change of weather we decided to set up camp near water on flat ground. This year has been a crazy year for snow so there were lots of snow patches and plenty of streams. About 6pm rolled around and we found ourselves stuck in the tent with no visibility. About 6:15 pm hit and we were all out cold.

Day 2. Sat Aug15th

We woke up about 5:30am to catch the sunrise, but when sticking my head out of the tent I got a face full of cloud. Wet, windy and no visibility. Turning over to Thomas and Isaiah i said it was going to be a tent day. We managed to bring a flask of whiskey and forgot the cards. So laying in the tent we chatted and told stories and jokes, it was a long day but a good day. Checking the visibility as the day went on to be sure we didn't have any chance to glass. We got out to stretch the legs a few times and that was the day we had.

Day 3. Aug16th

5:15am, looked outside and it was go time. Not a cloud in the sky we took a few meals and the things we needed in order to get a goat. We hiked up to a peak where we maneged to get a 360° view and many valleys and mountains. Spotting a group about 10km away we decided moving camp closer would be a great option. We were over hanging a bowl that we wanted to check out so as we made our way around the mountain the long way I always glass as I move every 100 yards or so. Never know when you might spot a animal. Sure enough 1.9km there is a old billy sitting in the sun, plans have changed. We got the spotter out to get a size reference and the gender determined, it was a billy. Gears starting turning faster as we made our way across a platue toward the old goat, making sure with ever hill we hide behind we were out of sight, closing into 450 yards we poped over we caught sight of the goat spinning 180° and bedding back down looking away from us. Closing the gap more and more we came around a hill that would put us 100 yards away, but things changed. Not sitting the billy we had wondered if he had caught our wind, the wind being in our favour we couldn't see how it would have happened. In quick jog we went past where we saw him beded down and turned back to see that he had just moved 15 yards in front of a rock face. Now being 83 yard shot I threw my bag down and Isaiah layed down and controlled his thoughts as he squeezed the trigger. 1 shot and he was done, one more because he was close to an edge and he dropped in his tracks. This billy was old, skinny, fatigued and ready to go. 14 years old we managed to count his rings. Skinning him out we were on complete sadness with the condition of his meat and body. His muscles were deteriorated what we had hoped to be able to take with us we sat and pondered on the smell of his age. Packing him up we headed back toward camp and sat the pld bikky on some snow. Cooled him right down. Emptying the bags we booked it toward camp to pack it up and continue to move around the bowl in pursuit of the goats we layed eyes on first.

Day 4. Aug 17th

After 17km and setting camp up late, getting food and filling our bottles we rested. The next morning the, Monday I got up early 5am and walked around glassing making sure there were no giats hanging around the plataue. Seeing as how the old billy the night before was all by himself we just wanted to double check before putting on another 7km packing camp up we grunted up the side of another mountain and into a saddle. We sat and glassed and made a game plan on which way we should go to park camp that would not effect the goats in the area. Watching a summer storm roll in we parked camp and set up the tent quick to get shelter from the rain. It was only on and off showers, but we were tired and need a nap. 30 mins after laying in the tent nature called. I went over the backside of camp to get some relief. While mid squat I looked over into the saddle we were planning on moving camp to and to my surprise 2 billy goats were making there way to the ridge we were sitting under. Running with my ass half out i woke up Thomas and Isaiah and rushed them hard to get ready. Just rifles and our havalons we bombed up a spine in about 10 mins that should have taken 30 mins. Going back into my memory box I re-watch the pace the two billied were cruising. I knew we would crest the hill at the same time. As we looked over the side making sure they didn't pass us, We moved onto going right over the middle behind a small hump. Sure enough as we came up the last bump there were the two billies making eye contact with Thomas at 50 yards. Just the heads visible we had a stare down, the billy in all his curiosity came closer presenting a broadside shot at 43 yards. That was it Thomas let 180 grains go and the billy dropped. Walking up to his second big game animal was a roller coaster. The perfect billy for a great friend. Filmed alot of both animals other than the killshot. My phone was in my pocket and finger on the trigger just in case one wanted to cliff jump. We skinned put Thomas's goat so he can live mount it. And the meat was beautiful. We took as much as we could with what room we had. In my life I would have never thought this is how this hunt would have gone. With a gain of both respect and knowledge of Animals and mountains we packed up camp and headed toward the truc. 16 km more and one ling night in the dark down the side if a mountain we manged ti get to the truck at 4am this morning. It was a hard go, but it was worth it.

Pictures should be in order of what I stated. And I am hoping to lost a video on YouTube soon.


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Apr 11, 2019
Prince George B.C
Thanks everyone! Still in awe of the whole experience. Sadly none of the shots were on film cause I was backup just in case cliff jumping came to mind for the goat. But am so happy to have a memory i can rewatch.


Mar 9, 2019
Outstanding work! Great reporting and photography. That 14yo goat is quite an accomplishment. A much more humane ending for that old warrior than the upcoming Winter. Thanks for the post


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Apr 8, 2020
Looks like memories were made that will last a lifetime. Congrats on two fine goats.

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