2021 archery moose


Jul 11, 2019
Shot my bull moose last night about 15 minutes before the end of legal light, walking out from checking to see if I had any elk on my cameras he crossed in front of me running down a cutline. I knocked an arrow thinking he was long gone but to my surprise he stopped about 100 yards down and started browsing, I slowly snuck down hiding behind a dirt knob about half way between him and myself. When I peaked around the edge he was feeding coming my way, I ranged him and he was at 35 yards. He turned took a couple steps and I gave a grunt to stop him, he was quartering away at this point and I drew and put an arrow behind his last rib and up into his off side shoulder. He bolted and I watched where I thought he went in threw the trees on the side of the cutline. I backed out called a buddy to come give me a hand and bring the quad from the truck to haul him back with. By the time he got there it was pouring by this time, blood was hard to find and the dark and rain didn’t help. We searched where I thought he went in with no luck, then noticed some small blood drops heading down the line instead of heading in the bush. A quick track job after and we found him piled up about 50 yards from where we first looked, finally made it back to the house about 2:30 this morning. Hopefully everyone else has a great and successful fall and shoot straight my fellow roksliders.


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