36 yard zero trajectory help, please.


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Nov 6, 2014
Please help. My wife is doing a tactical shooting competition this weekend. I thought the shots were a max distance of 300 yards but I found out tonight they will be out to 425. Her rifle is a standard Sig AR with sixteen inch barrel topped with an Aimpoint T2 and Aimpoint 6x magnifier. I should have got her an NF 1x8 but it is too late now. I have searched but come up with conflicting info. Can someone please help me find a ballistic chart for a 36 yard zero for m193? I tried to work one up on several sites but the rise does not marry up . All other sites only give the numbers out to 300 yards. Please help.


Jan 10, 2021
You're zeroed at 36??

If so, the problem is the margin of error is quite large when zeroing that close. A quarter inch off at 36 can a be a ways off at anything of decent distance.

I shot a good bit of 3 gun for a while. I'd recommend a 200 yard zero. This will also put you dead on around 50 yards.

-for close targets, (30 yards and in) you'll hit a little low.
-Hold Bottom of target for 100 to about 165 yards.
-For 300 yard targets hold on the head. (It's likely a full size IPSC target at that distance)
-the 400+ yard target will be tough, but hold one full target high (again, also likely a full size IPSC or other large target, and maybe only one target in the whole match)

Without a BDC or mil based reticle that will get about as close as you can. Don't go to war with any targets, she'll burn too much time, better to just move on.

wind gypsy

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Dec 30, 2014
Find a way to get zeroed at a longer distance before the match and run the ballistics off of that.