6.5 creedmoor


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May 11, 2019
Great for deer sized game adequate for elk. Ive had one since they came out and a .260 prior. I’ve killed an antelope and 3 deer with mine this so far this year. Farthest was 665 closest was 180. I’m using a 130 Sierra Gamechanger going 2895, and I’ve gotten complete penetration with good expansion on everything. Nothing went more than a few feet after being hit. Prior to this I shot 140 Berger Hybrids. They were lethal as well. If I was going to shoot something bigger than a big deer, I would probably shoot a 127 LRX as fast a possible. I’ve shot a lot of deer with a 25~06, 270, 308, 300 WSM. They didn’t kill them any deader.
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Nov 4, 2019
I’ve killed elk with it. The 142 ABLR does a fantastic job.

There isn’t any hooved game animal in North America I wouldn’t feel totally fine putting that combo into within 600 yards. Black bears and hogs, too.

I wouldn’t choose it for the big bears, but I don’t hunt them, anyway.
I agree but I use the 143 ELDX. I shot 2 deer and a Antelope and all were dead before the hit the ground. I hope in 2022 to go on a elk hunt and my 6.5 will be with me. I will not shoot an elk over 600 yards and I will make sure it's a shot in the ribs.