A hunt, hike & observation in the central Arizona high desert...


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Sep 11, 2018
Res WA ST, winter>Gilbert AZ , NR>AZ, UT, NM, CO.
Going back into an area that had 5 good bucks 3 days earlier. But the bucks were spooked out of the canyons and over the ridgeline by 4 other hunters. From highpoint on ridge, I watched the buck's exit routes from 1000 yards away through my Swaro spotter & 15x56 binocs. Group of 3 hunters put on a failed stalk, bumping the bucks. 1 other hunter was hurrying up an opposite ridge to cut bucks off, but got there too late after bucks went over.

After 4 hours glassing in the morning, I put boots on the ground in the late afternoon. Goal was to hike up and over and glass, scan the other side, searching for that bachelor group of mainframes. Jumped a few does, one 2-point buck. The cattle tanks (2) and AZFG tank were holding water, the only water I could find within 3 miles. The key to hunting the arid, dry terrain is finding water sources. Natural springs are few, and sometimes only after a good monsoon season will those springs contain H2O,

This video will give those interested in hunting OTC archery mule deer in AZ an idea of the terrain in central higher elevation deserts.