A Western Hunt Planning Primer


Oct 26, 2012
Hey guys, New member here, first post, Great forum!

I will jump right in. In 2010 I started planning a DIY Alaskan Float hunt for moose. I put the plan in motion last month and I was happy to take an old 65" Bull. I did it by finding a great little area that had not really ever been hunted for moose. I was able to access this area by packing light, working hard and getting creative. It felt great knowing that my plan, that I worked hard for 2 years to develop, worked!

I am from Michigan and grew up deer hunting in crowded hardwoods. I still hunt in Michigan and I know that my best chance at success comes from finding a remote area away from crowds with good habitat and sufficient game. I actually enjoyed the countless hours of research it took to pick a spot and then gear up to make my moose hunt successfull. I know that "Honey Holes" are out there for the guy willing to put in the work.

With that being said, I got a great start to my planning in 2010 by reading a few really good books about DIY hunting in AK. They helped me figure out how to find that "Honey Hole" by teaching me who to talk to, what to look for and what questions to ask etc.

I would like to set my sights on 2 western big game hunts for 2013 and 2014. In 2013 I would like to try and tag a Mule Deer with a bow and scout out a spot for hopefully a successfull Archery Elk hunt in 2014.

I am looking for advice from some you experienced western state hunters on best ways to research and find an area to make it happen?

Books to read, magazine articles, websites, forum threads...Anything that will help a rookie from michigan figure out how to pick a "Honey Hole" that should be successfull.

This forum looks like a great starting point!

I look forward to being part of the community here and Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!

If anyone on here is setting their sights on a DIY Alaskan hunt I would be happy to try and help! lemme know


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Apr 29, 2012
Welcome! First start by reading posts on this forum.

Second, apply knowledge.

Third, share pics :)

Rokslide teaches you inadvertently about different states and areas with its diverse crowd. Figure out what you really want in a muley hunt. Weather, record potential, otc tags, easy to draw tags, high altitude, desert flats, and so on. And you may find much more detailed threads to help you on your way.


Oct 26, 2012
Thanks Hardstalk! I have been starting to find some good info here. I have a good story and pics/vids to share of my AK moose hunt. Gonna put them in the proper spot.
After reading what I have here. I am starting to figure out some goals to try and develop a plan towards.

Any remote area that has a healthy population of both mule deer and elk is sufficient. High country or desert has pro's and cons that I can be happy with either way. It would be awesome to shoot record book animals but meat tastes better than horns so a clean kill on any good mature animal makes me feel successfull! Tags would have to be somewhat easy draw or otc...
So far it looks like colorado is starting to fit the mold the best but Colorado sounds like a popular state for hunting so I am worried about being able to find an area away from crowds...

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