A6000 digiscope setup


Feb 24, 2012
If anyone has wanted to use a very high quality and durable setup with the A6000 I have found the Novagrade to rock so far and look forward to using it later this year outside of my backyard :)

Yup this is a backyard review 😜

The kit zoom lens fits the Olympus Novagrade adapter perfectly but I have come to really dislike the kit lens and after reading that it pretty much is the crappiest e mount lens I plan to not take it anywhere. After months of researching I've decided I'm going to stick with prime lenses which for the e mount there are really good options that are very affordable. My kit will consist of, for now, a 12mm Samyang f/2 prime and a Sigma 30mm f2.8. Both lenses are considered by most photographers as a must have and pretty much equal much more expensive options.

Now for the digiscoping, the Sigma 30mm f2.8 is pretty much perfect for this task, I attached it to my Novagrade Olympus mount with a 46mm-40.5mm step down ring. All vinyetting or however it is spelled, disappears when my scope is zoomed to 30x. It is easy to zoom and focus with the scope then fine tune focus with the lens manually, focus peaking should help as well.

But just wanted to let people know that this setup so far seems rock solid and should produce exceptional pictures, also download the free remote app and you can take pictures without touching the camera and adjust your settings.

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Jan 21, 2015
Good to hear, I have that camera and was looking at the novagrade adapter as an option.

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