Advice/Tips/whatever on getting skull "transoprt legal"


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Nov 16, 2017
So regardless of laws the research I've read is cwd is pretty serious so I want to do the best I can to not spread it.
As far as a euro on your original skull.
I think having someone local to where your hunting do it is the best option, if your planning on coming out next yr to you could wait and pick it up then to save shipping.
As far as doing it yourself, it's much more of a process then I think ur giving it credit.
You will want a pot larger then the Turkey fryer go to a feed store and get the 15 gal feed bin I think its call. Its about 24" wide.
Dont boil the water just simmer about 175, 4-5 hours.
U will want a piece of bailing wires or metal cost hanger.
Imo a car wash washer doesn't have enough power, a real washer is needed I believe.
Not hydrogen peroxide. Go to a beauty supply store and get peroxide volumizer cream in the highest percentage u can legally buy, piant it on and let it dry.

U will also want garbage bags and masking tape. If u hit the antler with the washer or the peroxide it will take the color off the horn.
I would give yourself a full day for this, a rush job at least 7 hrs work.
And be totally ok with brains and goo all over yourself.

But most importantly have fun on your hunt, good luck.