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Feb 18, 2017
New Mexico
I wanted to take a second to tell everyone about a business I had the pleasure of dealing with. I needed a mounting bracket for a euro elk. My skulls usually end up being hung outdoors with bailing wire or what not but this was going in a friends tattoo shop so I wanted to get him a legit bracket. A friend told me about this guy so I went to his online shop and ordered one. He shipped right away and I left town for Christmas and had our mail held. Long story short, the post office showed it (along with a couple other packages) was delivered during the time my mail was supposed to be held. I contacted Amazeen and he texted me all the tracking info and screenshots of the post office info right away. The post office was no help and would take no responsibility. They said it was likely stolen. I needed the bracket and had no doubt it was shipped so I asked if he would ship me another right away and we would handle the money as it sorted itself out. I received new bracket in a few days and it looks perfect. I contacted Amazeen by text today and he told me not to worry about the money. I figured it was the least I could do to spread the word to all you folks. is the website.

I'm just hoping to bring this fellow hunter some more business as a thanks for how he treated me.

I don't believe this post is out of bounds in any way but if it is feel free to remove.