Another Archery Harvest

Sharp Things

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Mar 9, 2018
In the woods
Sat. Oct. 27. Bowhunting on my WI lease, Sat. Morning hunt. I took a doe with a 27 yard shot. The broadside shot smashed both shoulders and knocked the deer off its feet, rendering both front legs inoperable. The doe attempted to get upright but could only push itself forward with its rear legs. The Woodsman head ended her quickly and passed through buried in the dirt. This deer is the 3rd animal in 3 diff state in 3 weekends in a row. This time a nice fat WI doe. So far in 2018 Ive been fortunate enough to take 10 animals (7 diff species) in 6 diff states and have been able to self film to get all or a portion of the hunt on video. Next week I leave on a 10 day, Northern WI rut bow hunt

Here is a video of the morning's events.