Anyone shooting a mathews MR5 ?


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Jul 17, 2012
Jacksonville Florida
I have been out of bow hunting for 19 years now but I'm getting back to it. Looking at the mathews MR5. In my "anything worth doing is worth over doing" thinking I see it is about the fastest and reasonably quiet. I'll tade practice time for speed so the short brace height doesn't scare me. I know mathews has a good reputation so the question is ,why not? Is there something better ? Also ,I will need arrow and broadhead recomendations. I need reasons why they are the best , not just what I like but why you like. Fyi , my old bow was an oregon 80lb cranked up with a 3"overdraw shooting xx75's with thunderhead 125's. Killed a pile of deer and hogs !

Curtis C

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Mar 1, 2012
Colorado Springs, CO
IMO, The Best is what YOU like! There are some great bow makers out there today. When it comes to quality and innovation I'd put them in the same category. They have different designs that offer different fits. You find a design you like that fits you then you have the "Best" bow for you.

I shoot Mathews because I like the way their bows fit and shoot and they have always been reliable.

I have shot a few Hoyts that I thought felt as good as any Mathews I have owned. They make a few models that I wouldn't mind owning but not as a replacement to what I have.
I am not dogging the MR5 heck I've never shot one, but If I were gonna drop that kinda coin on a dual cam bow I would most likely buy from a company that has the most experience building them.


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Feb 27, 2012
South Dakota
If your wanting speed, and you must be since your looking at the MR5, take a long hard look at the PSE Omen Pro. It's king of the hill when it comes to speed and the bow shoots great. I'm hunting with a new Omen Pro this year and it amazes me how well it shoots for a low brace height speed bow. One thing I did do was drop 10lbs off of what I normally shoot...I always hunt with a 70lbs bow but my new Omen is a 60lbs model, makes it more comfortable to draw and honestly it's still as fast or faster than most all the other bows at 70lbs with a hunting weight arrow. I'm shooting 60lbs, 28.5" draw, 379gr arrow and still getting over 320fps out of it.

rebecca francis

I have 28 inch, 60 -70 MR5. I love it! The short brace height makes the last part of the draw cycle pretty aggressive, but it shoots very smooth and is definitely very fast! I shoot a VAP arrow with a shuttle T broadhead and that combo has worked great for me. The only issue is, it is not very forgiving, but practice can take care of that issue as well. I have had a lot of success with it.


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Mar 2, 2012
North Central Wi
From going from a bow that old, to todays new bows you will be blown away by just about any of the top of the line bows. Just understand how short of a brace height your getting with the MR5.

I would suggest finding a place to shoot it, along with all the other models and brands and pick whichever one you think shoots best.

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