Anything out there better than a Kifaru Sawtooth or Hilleberg Tarra For A One And Done Bulletproof Shelter ??


Well Known Rokslider
Oct 28, 2016
Hawthorne, Florida
I’m a gear nut and was wondering if anybody out there has found anything BETTER than the Kifaru Sawtooth or Hilleberg Tarra for camping in the most harsh conditions of Kodiak Island, Alaska ?

I’m only interested in a 1 or 2 man bombproof shelter, that can accommodate titanium wood burning stoves. I’ve used a Coleman catalytic propane heater in the vestibule of the Hilleberg and stated toasty warm, but the weight penalty sucks!!

If there is anybody who lives in SE Alaska and hunts/camps there I would love to hear what you are currently using that WORKS

***Also wondering if people are using the SST (snow sand tundra) stakes for these type shelters ?

I look forward to hearing your feedback, experiences and recommendations.. Thanks!