Archery Rangefinder (Leupold Fulldraw?)


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Jul 29, 2019
I’m not sure what the difference is but europtic has the Fulldraw 4 for $320 demo and $330 new. That’s $170 less than what they were just a few months ago.

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May 11, 2022
Anyone know what software bushnell is using? Seems Leupold still has advantage on software side of things if they are the only ones using archer advantage (or similar) software. Bushnell makes no mention of it just says “ARC technology” which from what I understand, they’ve been using in the past so don’t know if it’s a huge change from them other than .3 yard accuracy out to 150yards.

Can others confirm inputs required to set up angle compensation the bushnell broadhead???

I have the fulldraw 4 and like the angle compensation setup for my bow and specific arrow. My wife has an archers choice from nikon and my buddy I think has a vortex. I was consistently getting 2-4 yard differences on steep shots at the TAC last year in CO. This was on nockon course which all targets were 50-100+
There’s a lot of things I liked about the Nikon, I had the leica for awhile too which there were things I liked as well. I then had the Nikon stabilization rangefinder which took some getting used to but I liked some things with it too. I don’t like everything about the Leupold fulldraw 4 but the angle compensation for accuracy I like. Until someone comes out to compete with that I’ll stick with this. I don’t like everything about it though.

i used a buddies sig kilo on a rifle deer hunt for my wife and liked a lot about that.Perfect world I’d take features from the Sig, leica, full draw and Nikons. Definitely need more than 200 yard range on an archery rangefinder for out west. My wife’s caps at 200 and it makes it tough on spot and stalk. I range far to come up with features I need to get to in order to be within range. Must for me to go out to 1000 or further.