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Arctic Air Unguided Caribou Hunt


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Apr 25, 2016
Well, I started this discussion last February so I thought I would weigh in. Sheila has been awesome to deal with. We are booked for end of August through first week of September 2019. Obviously a lot can go wrong on this trip but we are ever hopeful. It seems like a number of parties had tough hunting in 26 this fall. We are hoping to see lots of caribou with Arctic Air in 2019 and even shoot four. Any advice on essential vs. non-essential gear would be appreciated. We are well organized, but our biggest conundrum is whether to bring stocking foot waders and wading boots or Muck style boots as the second pair (we all have good mountain boots). Any thoughts? We do plan on fly fishing when not hunting so that is why we were planning on the lightweight waders.
My opinion would be to wear stocking foot waders. That is what we did last year and wore them when we left camp and also when we fished. They don't weigh much and I don't mind wearing them. We however didn't go over a mile away from camp hunting since we had luck within a mile of camp. Another couple guys that were on another lake with arctic air had hip waders and they said they couldn't get across the river or stream that they were by with them. This is only my second time hunting in Alaska and I wore the chest stocking waders both times and I'm glad I had them instead of muck boots or hip waders. Just my two cents.