Arrow build for two different bow weights


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Jul 31, 2012
Beartooth Mtns, MT
Im getting ready to put together some new hunting arrows for my new 70lb bowtech Realm X. However I am currently shooting it turned down to 60lbs and plan to shoot this weight for spring bear and through the summer, hopefully working up to the 65-70lb range by next fall.

So Id like your guys opinion on using the same arrows for my current 60lb weight as well as the eventual ~70lb weight.

This is what Im thinking right now.
125gr broadhead
Ethics archery 75gr outserts
Easton Injection 280spine cut to 28.25"
AAE pm23 in helical 4 fletch
Easton knock

This should give me a total arrow weight around 542, which I'm happy with. Id like to shoot for the 550ish range, don't really want to get too much over that.

That recipe on the pinwheel software is optimal for my 70lb weight, but it is well in the orange "stiff" at 60lbs. So what is your guys opinion on shooting that stiff arrow in a 60lb bow? I could add an inch or so to my shaft length than cut them down and refletch when I get to turning up the bows weight, I guess?