Arrow tracking App


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Jul 26, 2016
I was hoping to find an app that will help me track my shooting practice. I've done it manually in the past, (with printed out targets and a pen) but it seems a little archaic considering all the things that can be done on a phone. I'm looking for a digital way to record every arrow I shoot. There seems to be a number of archery scoring apps but I don't see where any of them allow you to simply track daily practice sessions. One specific feature that I want is the ability to label each arrow. Say for example, after two weeks of data, I see that arrow #5 shoots like garbage. I will know to either throw it out, or just use it for practice. And maybe arrows #1 and #3 are super consistent. I would obviously like to put broadheads on them come hunting time.

Other generic things are helpful too, like seeing groups improve (hopefully) or stabilize, as my muscle memory and form become more consistent, then I can start tweaking my setup if need be.

Are any of you using an app that has that capability?

Billy Goat

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May 6, 2018
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I have used my targets, but I don't think you can plot individual arrows.

There's a few devices that attach to the bow that will send data to an app. Allows you to track holding patterns and such as you tweak things.

I have shot targets and labeled the arrow holes to see if any arrows are consistently outside of the main group, easier for me than using any kind of program, but I'm archaic.
At least the cave is cool tho.