Asolo Neutron - Review


Aug 4, 2021
I picked up a pair of Asolo Neutrons for fall/winter use and here are my thoughts if you are looking at this model since it can be found at a discount.

I wear 11.5 to 12. The Asolo 12s were fine but they run narrow (as I've read elsewhere). I used these boots last year in the snow for non-hunting. I trained in them during the summer and used them for whitetail saddle hunting from September to November. The stiff boot is nice for climbing sticks but did take some time to break in.

I just used them for CO deer above 10,000' and they essentially caused my trip to end early. These boots did not perform well in constant snow and freezing conditions. Temps were 10-30s during the day. I would start each day with dry boots but once a little snow got on them and melted due to body heat they would freeze immediately. This was especially painful during morning/evening glassing. And impossible to avoid with still-hunting through areas with snow. I had gaiters and tried combinations of SmartWool socks (thin & heavy, combined, etc.) and could not get my feet warm. All other clothing (mostly merino wool layers) worked great and the rest of my body was warm. My feet were also pretty darn dry, just encased in frozen boots. The leather and nylon material on the outside appears to retain just enough water to freeze, regardless of waterproofing.

Bottom line is that I would recommend these boots but no way I would take them into several days of freezing temperatures again. They were nice and stiff for hiking on/off trails and for climbing sticks. So all-in-all a pretty darn good boot for the prices you can find them at, but I'm now of the opinion that there probably isn't a budget workaround for week-long, high altitude freezing conditions.