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May 12, 2017
G'day guys,

Since i started hunting my dream as to hunt either Dall Sheep or Mountain in North America. Coming from Victoria which is the Southern most state on the mainland i have hunted Deer, specifically Sambar deer over for the majority of my life. Im trying to plan a hunt for mountain goat within the next 2 years and have only conducted some limited research. If possible for any of you to shed some light on how to approach this, im aware that you guys go by a ballot system so i not sure if whether or not i have to put in and draw a tag for specific unit or can i go straight to an outfitter and not worry about having to draw a tag. Secondly can you guys recommend any outfitters that are reasonably priced (9-14k). My rifle of choice on this hunt would be a SAKO A7 in 3006 topped with a 3*9*40 however since our mountains here are quite dense with pines and gum trees im not sure if this would suite the more open environment iv seen on goat hunts put up on youtube.

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Oct 11, 2016
many mountain goat areas don't need to be drawn you can just book with the guide/outfitter and purchase the tag. many hunts can be found in your price range. your rifle rifle and scope should work fine. as far as researching guides id start with some forum searches, a visit to Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance's website at their sponsoring guides. your physical abilities are most likely going to determine the type of hunt and price range. mountain goats live in the probably the most extreme terrain you can imagine. if you are in excellent shape and can climb tall mountains you can probably find a cheaper backpack hunt. Horses and boat based hunts will typically cost you more. just depends on what you want. once you figure that out i'd start calling and talking to some guides and see who you connect with best. i don't recommend doing serious inquiries via email. good luck

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Apr 10, 2012
Rancho Cordova, CA
Give Dustin Roe a look a Back Country and Beyond. He is out of British Colombia. Has a new area he hunts goats in. Fly in to a remote Alpine Lakeand hunt goats from there. Still a backpack hunt. He just uses the plan to access the area.


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Apr 10, 2015
BC goat mountains
Region 6 in BC is known for big Billy's. I find the best time, for best opportunity at a nice haired Billy is the last week of sept, first week of oct. come mid to late October, weather can play a big roll in success. If your a gambling man, November produces some magnificent coats, but again, Iv seen goat hunts ruined by weather. August has good weather usually, but the goats coat is thin.

Nanika lake outfitters
Bowlen Lewis
Copper river outfitters,

All run great outfits, have great reviews, and have great goats.
The rifle your using there, is a perfect setup. Light is nice, but a rifle your comfortable with, is nicer. One thing about goat hunts, chances are your rifle will take a few dings, but those will turn to memories.

I'm not real familiar with Alaskan outfitters.

Good luck to ya!


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Apr 26, 2014
Jim Lancaster at Copper River Outfitters. Great guy and great outfit. No drawing, just purchase the hunt from Jim and then do the paperwork and buy license when you go hunt.

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