Backcountry Rant: What Not To Do!


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May 27, 2019
4 pages and no "New Mexico" experiences... So I guess I'll go first.

Many years ago... On what was the first big game hunt ever for our group (My brother in law has the tag). 2nd Season rifle elk in a decent unit w/ lots of tags.

We're sitting over a meadow with a little water that has some fresh sign. We park a mile or so up the road and across the creek, and get there 2 hours before sunset intending to sit until dark. An hour or so later we here a truck. Getting closer, closer, closer, eventually it crosses the creek and drives into the meadow. Then it turns and drives up to the edge of the tank and a guy hops out.

At this point we're intrigued and go chat with the guy. It quickly becomes evident that he's hammered. A quick peek into the truck bed reveals it's about half full of bud light cans (sadly that's not even much of an embellishment). A few minutes of conversation naturally leads to him offering us a bud light. Few more minutes and there's an offer for some whiskey. Then he asks to see my sidearm on the basis that his grandpa carried one similar or something (old S&W revolver). At this point my other brother in law who was hanging out further up the meadow finally comes down. Another offer of budlight.

We abandon hunting for the evening and he gives us a ride to our truck about a mile up the road and then comes back to our camp with us to tell us about the area. He proceeds to get drunker and almost falls into our bonfire (it was cold and had snowed). Come midnight or so we all go to sleep with the promise that in the morning he'll take us to a good spot he knows.

At 4:30 we're all up and by 5ish we're all jammed into his truck. Come 5:02AM there is another offer for bud light. By the time we get to the spot at about 6AM he's only had 3 beers. Turns out his spot is a giant valley so he drops us off at the top to hunt down so he can wait at the bottom (drinking bud light the whole time). Surprising as it may be to learn, there are no elk there either so he invites us back to his single wide for lunch and more bud-light.

Eventually we part ways but we still laugh about that guy and the experience. I moved to NM a few years later and have come to learn that what we experienced was probably just an ordinary day...