Backsliding on weight savings - a confession


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Apr 8, 2018
Alpharetta, GA
I've wasted much time (and money) in trying to shave weight, and now I've found that my weight is creeping/blowing up, so I thought I would confess to the group - in case anyone can talk me back, or confirm my decisions. Maybe it will help others feel better about themselves in comparison. I'm currently at about 60lbs (skin out) for a 9 day elk trip in CO.

Here's where my weight has increased:
  1. Due to some other threads, I decided to pack all 9 days worth of food in my pack. Originally we had planned to leave 1/2 of the food in the truck based on the thought that if we had not killed anything after 4 days, we would want to make a move. Now I'm more worried that at day 4 we will be into the elk and dreading walking the opposite direction to get food. This change of plans *significantly* changes my weight, as I'm at about 1.7lbs per day for about 3k calories. Add 8.5#. This change will probably require me to add back my MR lid instead of the Kifaru lid (to fit all this stuff). Add another 7oz net.
  2. After some testing of my Anker 10k power pack, I wimped out and bought another. I guess now I can be frivolous with my phone and IR Mini. Add 7 oz.
  3. On the plus (less) side, I bought every one of the Kifaru pullouts, and I can't figure out a good use of more than one (I think the medium for my possibles), and possibly the mega size (for puffy and other clothes) - but I might ditch even the mega in order to stuff clothes in nooks and crannies. Save 2oz or so.
  4. For my water, I dropped the Sawyer Mini for the Squeeze based on some threads where others said the Squeeze works much better. I also went from a 2L Platypus Hoser to a 3L heavier (and sturdier) bladder (Hyrdapak Force 3L) and put in my load that I would be carrying the full 3L of H2O. Plus 4.4lbs on water, 3 oz on bladder, and an ounce on the Squeeze.
  5. Hunter orange - added a hat and safety panel when I realized we are overlapping ML and rifle bear. Add 3oz.
  6. Pistol - another thread and I'm back to strongly considering carrying at least a 38 for meth heads, cougars, black bears, zombies, etc. Add 20oz.
When will it end?! I'm either making informed and practical decisions on balancing weight vs. efficiency/practical issues, or I need to stop reading posts.


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Mar 30, 2016
Ha ha. My weight has jumped up too. Over my last two hunts I have made these changes for my upcoming hunt just because this is supposed to be fun and if a few pounds equal more fun then who cares!

Exo 3500 to 5500
Fly creek ul2 to copper spur 2
2oz air pillow to Nemo fIllo
Add Helinox chair zero
Add crocs
Add night cap beverage

Prob like adding 5 pounds but I’ll be happy with every once.


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Jul 31, 2012
Beartooth Mtns, MT
Id say some of those changes your making are not needed, but screw it, if they make you happier who cares?

My weight increases came from a crazy creek chair and pillows. We all do it.


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Nov 20, 2014
Seems like the more I scout. The more solo overnights I have. The more time in the field I have the more I keep leaving stuff at home and 90% of what’s in my pack I use once. Exception. First aide kill kit and some extra food.

I also don’t know what my dry weight and wet weight are. I just know I bring what I need but I know it’s light but I don’t want weight to be a crux and if I find a light weight item that’s durable I’ll swap it.

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Feb 2, 2017
Longmont, CO
1. Have you ever hunted for anywhere near 9 days? If not, then don't pack the food. You're probably not going to last 9 days straight.
2. Total waste. Turn your IR mini on only when you need to send or check for messages. Do not use the live tracking feature. You shouldn't have to even charge this at all in 9 days, or at least very very little.
3. Buying stuff is fun, but you don't need it. Leave it at home.
4. Switching to the squeeze is a smart move. Going to a "sturdier" bladder is not. Platypus makes excellent stuff. My favorite bladder is the kuiu one. It's a platypus hoser without the bright blue tube and bite valve. Chop the tube on your bladder and put in a quick disconnect. Buy a water bag (evernew 2l), and fill it with dirty water, then roll and squeeze to filter it through your sawyer into your bladder. No need to ever remove it from your bag. You can do this even when your bag is stuffed with items.
5. Smart move haha.
6. Total waste. I carry a glock 19 w/ extra mag every day of my life, except on hunts and backpacking trips. You don't need it in the backcountry. Be real.


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Jan 12, 2018
SE Alabama
3. Ziploc bags are a lot cheaper and a lot lighter than Kifaru pullouts. Like you said, I stuff socks, boxers, extra clothes in nooks and crannies to help maximize pack space. Only thing I now keep in a bag is kill kit stuff, and its in a 0.3 oz gallon zip loc that I stole out of the kitchen drawer.


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May 6, 2014
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Always a balance between comfort/weight.

I would question why a rifle hunter needs a backup pistol.

My weight has bumped up to accommodate my 5# of tree hunting gear; Home grown saddle and climbing gear....but it gives me another hunt option.