Barrel Break in Procedure


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Apr 23, 2021
Lots of good info. I've seen rifle barrels on customer guns that had a 6 o'clock land worn off right at the muzzle due to cleaning rods. Mostly seen it in older 22's.

As for break in. If I have a high end lapped barrel, I won't do any break in. I'll usually shoot 20-50 rounds test firing and forming, then clean it. A good barrel, you won't see much of any difference in the bore with a scope. You will probably see a speed increase though. I usually see a small increase in the first 50-100 shots. They always clean easy and quick too. If your barrel is say a higher grade barrel with ether a bad lap job or no lapping, you will see both smoothing of the bore, higher speed changes and worse cleaning. Factory barrels meh.... do what you want. Some are better than others and most are better than they were 20-30 years ago.