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Jun 9, 2014
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Push to ban grizzly bear trophy hunt in BC
A coalition of animal protection activists, environmentalists and tourism operators are demanding that grizzly bear trophy hunting be shut down in B.C.

They want the B.C. government to ban trophy hunting in favour of developing the lucrative bear watching industry.

The groups argue that bear watching brings in a greater economic benefit and unlike trophy hunting, the bears can be enjoyed over and over again instead of being killed.

“The clock is now ticking for grizzly bears in B.C. as we approach the beginning of the spring grizzly bear hunting season on April 1st,” says Gabriel Wildgen of Humane Society International. “If that happens, we know that grizzlies will be subject again to incredible and unnecessary cruelty at the hands of trophy hunters.”

The B.C. Guide Outfitters Association claims trophy hunting generates about $120 million a year across the province but there are concerns about bear numbers decreasing each year as more animals are killed.

The Commercial Bear Viewing Association says the bear viewing industry is worth $13 million a year right now but could grow significantly if it were allowed to expand into areas reserved for trophy hunting.

CHEK Point Poll: Should grizzly bear trophy hunting be ended in B.C.? | CHEK


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Feb 16, 2016
Voted. I feel guilty as an american. We have exported so many morons to Vancouver. and the left is the party of science supposedly.

Bruce Culberson

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Mar 28, 2015
In my opinion there are enough bears and enough areas to have a viable hunting industry and bear watching.