Broadheads not on target


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May 29, 2019
You could ask 50 people what "correct" FOC is, and get 50 different answers.

For this particular situation, I retract my previous post. You seem to be entering your arrow foray with FOC as your primary focus from the start........and WAY more FOC than you need. That's going to lead you down a rabbit hole that's going to cause all kinds of problems for you're seeing.

For your specs I'd be looking at an arrow somewhere around 500gr end weight with a good BH, and go out and kill stuff. I'm shooting 75lbs at 32 7/8" draw and my 30" arrows only weigh 500gr. Yes, several years ago I built some 300 spine arrows with 280gr up front that weigh 632gr......but I never use them. I can BH tune the bow to those out to 60, but the trajectory is just too much of a rainbow. They'd be fine however for short range hunting.

If it was me, I'd be starting over from scratch......but I never have liked the microdiameter arrows, outserts/halfouts, nor collars.
Listen to the above advice. Stop worrying about what your FOC is.

Get an arrow at the correct spine, somewhere in the 500 to 550 TAW area and then worry about the rest.

You probably need a 260, maybe, just maybe a 300. 28" carbon to carbon, 175 up front, four fletch and it should put you somewhere around 525ish.

You could probably cut your current arrow down 2" and make a huge difference.

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Feb 11, 2016
That's what makes forums tolerable. Without the fun stuff, it would get mighty boring on the internet.

I agree. I guess the point I was trying to make is a little humility goes a long way. The answer to the OPs problem has been spelled out at least 10 different ways yet he doesn’t like it. Truth be told, a little bit of humble pie would have nipped this issue in the bud before the OP even had to make this thread.

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