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Apr 14, 2018
Carmel Valley, CA
My neighbor saw 4 bucks together yesterday 12/01/18. The biggest was pushing the others around, acting territorial. I'm curious to know why they are bachelor grouped. I thought they go solitary after the rut.

My friend saw a buck and does together.

I'm wondering if 2nd rut is happening. I suspect it is being everything seems to be happening late this year. It just started getting cold here and finally having a decent size rain.

Warden Todd said Blacktail tend to rut lat September in SLO & SB counties.

Anyone experience this or have thoughts about the fall behavior this year?

I bought a predator doe decoy and was going to try and call a little. I know many guys don't believe in those methods, but some guys hunting OR & WA love it.


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May 19, 2014
So Cal
Bucks tend to rut as the Warden said Starting at the end of A-Zone(Late Sept) then going through most of October. There seems to be a lull after that until the end of November at that time most bucks will be in bachelor groups, with a few of the more mature bucks still rutting the remaining does.

After that they will usually hangout with other bucks or does but from my experience they are finished rutting by early to mid December at the very latest.

Unless you are hunting private property or very thick cover I would stay with spot and stalk methods. I have put 4 muzzle loader bucks on the ground with the late season tags you are talking about and all have been spot and stalk on public land.